Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery and Emily Fields are all 17 year's old and attend Rosewood High. After a year passes of their best friend Alison Dilaurentis' disappearance they have too deal with friendship, relationship and their very own stalker, A? But who is A? Nobody knows...


27. Homecoming (P1)

Hanna's P.O.V


Ok Hanna, Only a couple hours away from being announced homecoming queen. Prepare Yourself. I was swaying back and forth in my seat,


"Hanna, Calm down. We all know your going too be crowned homecoming queen!" Sean said kissing my head.


"Duh, I know that I just don't know what too say, The queen always needs too give a speech!" I picked up my bag which had my phone in, One New Message From Spencer.


"Ok Spence,  I'm right here you don't need too text me." I said laughing, She replied with a glare. I checked the message.


Check your makeup bag, I got a bunch of lipsticks. What have you got?


I put my phone back in my bag and pulled out my makeup bag, I opened it too find it full of tiny little mirrors covered in red lipstick, I dug through them expecting a note from out stalker which I found laying at the bottom. 


Your not queen worthy when I rule you bitch - A 


I cleared my throat and put my makeup bag away, I texted Spencer back.


Mirrors and a message... This A is horrible. 


I look out the window too see we have arrived, I open the door and jump out taking Sean's hand. Outside looked amazing, a white carpet led up too the door, all the trees were laced with fairy lights and there was a white picket fence with lights following the white carpet too the door. Maya had Emily's hand held tight, Noel and Aria were kissing and Toby and Spencer were simply stood next too each other walking up the path. My stomach turned at the thought of Toby been here... I don't fully feel friendly with him. I still think there's something he's not telling us, but I have too be decent for Spencer and Emily's sake! Aria feels the same way about Toby, She doesn't trust him either, I'm starting too think Toby Cavanaugh is a bad idea...


Spencer's P.O.V


As soon as we entered I spotted something just for me, The mini bar, Hanna and Sean had already hit the dance floor soon followed by Aria and Noel. 


"Wanna go get a drink?" Toby said loudly so I could hear him over the music. 


"Yeah." I grabbed his hand and pulled him through the crowd.


"We'll join you guys." Emily said following us.


"Emily don't you wanna dance before getting wasted."  Maya laughed and put her arm around Emily's neck. 


"No Maya I need a drink first!" Emily snapped back.


I sat down at the bar too see Mr Fitz as the bartender.


"Mr Fitz." Emly said leaning over the bar 


"Wow guys, You look amazing!" He said handing us the menus which was filled with names of random drinks.


"Ok how do we know what these drinks are?" I said passing the menu too Toby.


"The element of surprise." Mr Fitz laughed.


"But what is you order something you don't like?" Toby said, Mr. Fitz turned too Toby obviously surprised by the sight of his with us.


"Mr Cavanaugh... Wasn't expecting you too be here." Mr. Fitz ignored his question. I turned too Toby too see his face drop.


"Is that really any of your business." I said leaning on my hand. Mr Fitz bit his bottom lip and went back too making our drinks.


"Oh Toby before I forget.." Emily pulled out a CD with writing on it. "I made this for you." She passed it too Toby which made the writing easy for me too read.


Emily And Toby.


Ok, Well that isn't cringe worthy at all. I put one finger in my mouth and pretended too throw up which caught Emily's attention.


"Is there a problem involving mine and Toby's relationship Spencer?" She leaned forward so she could see me past Toby, Toby looked at me and smiled almost laughing.


"Nope... Why would I have a problem with a relationship that doesn't exist." I took a sip of my drink.


"Switch seats for abit?" Emily said too Toby. He shrugged and switched. "Ok what the hell is wrong with you... Jelous much! Mine and Toby's relationship is real!" 


"Friendship." I corrected her "The only thing you have is a friendship!" 


Toby's P.O.V


Whilst Emily and Spencer talked I sat awkwardly with Maya.


"So.." She said turning too me. "I feel like Emily brought the wrong person here..." 


"Emily didn't bring the wrong person here... She said yes too the wrong person too start with." 


"Well... Spencer is lucky too of bargained Emily's seconds." She said turning back around too her drink.


"Umm sorry I don't quite understand what you said." I choked on my drink.


"I mean a girl like Emily get's a decent guy because well she's amazing." She said pointing at me. "But then when she has had enough she drops them out like their nothing and then Spencer who obviously struggles with relationships comes along and scrapes up whatever she can find from  Emily. I mean think about it Spencer was your second choice too" 


"Spencer has never been my second choice.." I snapped finishing my drink and slamming back on the bar.


"Sorry." She says throwing her hands up. "You have too keep this conversation between us.. Emily would kill me if she found out I told someone what she said, especially you." 


"Emily said that?" I asked, She nodded... Maybe Emily wasn't who I thought she was...











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