Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery and Emily Fields are all 17 year's old and attend Rosewood High. After a year passes of their best friend Alison Dilaurentis' disappearance they have too deal with friendship, relationship and their very own stalker, A? But who is A? Nobody knows...


31. 'A' walk home

Spencer's P.O.V


Stupid police officer! Leaving a young girl like me walk alone in the dark, Wonder who hired him? Doesn't he know what happened too Ali... Too tell you the truth, I'm scared. 




I heard a twig snap under someone's foot... I took a deep breath..


"Hello?" I called out into the deserted street. No answer. I looked around before carrying on walking... But every step I took made me shiver, I felt like I was walking closer too something or someone. I looked around again. but this time I caught a glimpse of a shadow that grew larger and larger on the wall next too me... Someone was there and they were getting closer. I panted and was sweating, breathing heavily. I started running. But I heard footsteps after me,  I turn too only see darkness... Who was there?


Running faster and faster... But my feet weren't meant for running. I tripped over my own feet, hitting my head hard on the pavement, a shot of pain rushing back and forth through it, opening my eyes and closing, opening them and closing... I may have blurry vision but I swear I could see someone standing over me someone wearing a black hoodie and a mask. But then darkness. 


The next time I had my eyes open was when I was looking up at Aria, Hanna and Emily's faces.


"She's awake!" Aria cried causing my head too throb. 


"Quiet Aria, Can't you see she's in pain," Hanna nudged her. 


When my mind set back into focus I sat up... "What am I doing here?" I asked stretching, I was wearing a gown... But it was not my homecoming one it was a hospital one, A lot more comfortable if you ask me. 


"You somehow knocked yourself out.. Someone called the ambulance and when they arrived that person was gone, How did you do it?" Hanna said patting me on the back.


"Ha! Like she did it herself! That creep Toby did it!" Emily laughed.


"No, I remember he was taken away by an officer... Then I had too walk home and ... must have tripped." 


"Oh well your safe! Here's your dress and bag, We brought you some clothes." Aria picked up a perfectly folded dress, my handbag and some leggings and band shirt. 


I picked up my achy body from the bed and got dressed, which required some assistance from Hanna.


"Spencer!" My mum burst through the door. "Oh thank god your ok!" She hugged me.


"I'm Spencer Hastings! I'm always ok! Why wouldn't I be." I said.


"Nevermind. What happened?" She asked and I retold the story of the idiot cop... But there was one detail that I couldn't quite remember. "Let's just get you home." She helped me out of the hospital and into her car. I looked at my phone that had one new message from Toby


'Sorry about the ditch at the apple rose grille, they released me this morning. - Toby x' I didn't answer, I threw my phone back into my bag, Smack. It hit something hard, I opened my bag wider too see a very small wooden box. It was shaped like a coffin. I opened it in the cover of my bag and inside was a piece of folded paper, I unfolded too see the writing 


'What a shame, I was enjoying our chase, It's no fun when you knock yourself out that's my job - A'


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