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  • Published: 3 Jun 2015
  • Updated: 3 Jun 2015
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This is a very short Horror stor. It was written for an assignment at school - I hope you like it!


2. Rise and shine Watermelon!

I woke up the next morning when I heard a loud banging noise, kind of like two big pots being banged together. And that was exactly what the sound was.

"Rise and shine Watermelon, we've got a big day ahead of us!"

I growled and turned towards her. She was standing in the doorway sending me that big beautiful smile I loved so much. Jen called me Watermelon because the day, we met, I was so nervous; I spilled watermelon juice all over myself.

I was her watermelon she was my angel.


I took a shower and got dressed. When I came down to the kitchen, she was nowhere to find.

"Jen?" I walked over to the broom closet where, I knew she liked to hide. Looking for Jennifer was a daily thing for me. She loved hiding behind things and scaring people. I opened the door, expecting her to jump out at me, but she wasn't there. I closed the door again, and checked under the table and all the other places where she always hid, but I couldn't see her.

"Jennifer, this is not funny!" I called out. I heard keys rattling and the front door being opened.

"What is taking you so long? We're going to be late!" She stormed into the kitchen and stood with her arms folded. I couldn't help but smile.

"It's not funny Gavin! We're supposed to help Tamara get ready for the party,"

I got up and grabbed my jacket. She gestured towards the open door.

"Ladies first," She smiled at me.

"Oh, you're such a gentleman," I said and walked through the door with her following right after.

"We're taking the Mini," she said and unlocked the beige Mini I had given her for her birthday three years ago. I sighed and went over to the passenger’s side.

"Where do you think you're going? " she asked and gave me a look I couldn't read.

"Didn't you just say, we're taking your car?" I asked a little confused.

"Yeah, but I'm not driving," she answered and got into the passenger's seat. I sighed and stood there for a little while. Then I went over to the driver's side and got in. I started the car and looked over at her. She was doing her makeup in the car, as she always did when, we were running late for something. I drove the car down the dusty dirt road. Our house was basically in the middle of nothing. There were almost no cars, no neighbors and the only store was a tiny grocery about a mile away. But that was what Jennifer loved so much about that house. She loved the peace and listening to the birds singing, while she sat on her favorite bench in the garden and read. I just loved seeing her happy.

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