Hey guys, not much to say but just check out a couple of raps/songs i have written:):):):)


1. Open up

Maybe if someone gives me a chance, i'll open up, i swear ,i swear ,i swear ,oh baby, i'd run around and dance all day, i'd open up, i know, i know, i know that baby, moments like these slowly start to fade away but i only need a second to let go okay?I'll open up.


Seconds pass ,it's like the wind drifting through my hair, the night sky looks down at me below and sends me a wave. I feel something rushing through my blood and through my veins ,this moments going to make it last another day. Don't rely on consequences to define my name, i'll see you soon somewhere oh yes i will i swear to this day, i shall meet you wandering around, i hope you hear me call your name.


My arms outstreched and i try to feel you here with me. The darkness is no place for  someone like me to hide in and recall all the past memories. There engraved deep in my mind and these scars are not the only things that cause me pain. I remember how your laugh used to brighten my days, the way you woke up beside me the light shining on your face. How you used to figure me out always left me in a daze. Now i draw your face on canvases but nothing can replace the angel you used to be.


I watch our hands become torn away and our hearts are left empty for days but listen closely can't you hear the waves i said I'm sorry that you never got to see another day.


Maybe if someone gives me a chance,i'll open up, i swear, i swear, i swear, oh baby, i'd run around and dance all day, i'd open up , i know , i know , i know that baby, moments like these slowly start to fade away but if someones waiting , i'll open up,open up, open up.


We were something different, something unique and strange. Looking back on us we used to radiate. But we were equals and there was something in us that never let us be. Stuborness took over and well we kinda broke apart. Walking down different roads and different paths. You turned left and i went right, stumbling across the tears that were threatening to collide. Everyone told us that fate brought us together and that we shouldn't ever let each other go.


Once you're gone there's no coming back, turn your back and who's going to hug you back. But oh no, we didn't listen back then and then they just left us to do our own things. No one pushed us together and we thought that they had given up when actually they were giving us time to confess love. However, we were stupid and there were no coat of arms to protect us ,we were just lost causes left open to our own rejection.


We were hanging by a single thread threatening to break, our hands held on tightly never letting us take a break. Our hurts still raced when we were together but not in the same way.


Maybe if someone gave me a chance, i'll open up, i swear, i swear, i swear, oh baby, i'd run around and dance all day, i'd open up, i know , i know, i know that baby, moments like these slowly start to fade away but if someones waiting, i'll open up, i'll open up, i'll open up.


Days pass, your scent is washing off my clothes, your presence disappears it's all going slow-mo, it's like you were never here in the first place beside me ,sitting on that leather coach over there or that night when you sang me sweet songs cause i was feeling down. We kissed in the rain making a hollywood entrance back into our lives, we hugged and we kissed and then we just said goodbye, like those old memories together meant nothing to you .You just left me in a single click of your fingers and you were gone, maybe god didn't want us together so why am i still listening to our song? Why does it feel like I'm still holding on , going strong, with out you, silver cuffs growing tighter around my wrists.


I watch our hands become torn away and our hearts are left empty for days but listen closely can't you hear the waves, i said I'm sorry that you didn't get to see another day.


It's midnight and i can't sleep without you by my side, i get up ,grab my coat and venture over to your house, sneaking through your window your bedcovers were folded up all neat. I called your phone but even it kept on blanking me. I call again and you pick up, i get this giddy feeling inside of me. I can't wait to talk to you again and say i love you and that i need you by my side, forever not only just tonight but as i start to say hi a foreign voice takes over and tells me you were at the hospital, broken bones and blood loss i felt my heart quiver as they said that you might not make this fall.


I saw myself rushing over to you, everything before my eyes was a hazy blur. I arrived at the room they had put you in, the door was open but slowly drifting close and as it met its end i heard a single noise. It violates my ears as i stare into space not believing what my ears are retrieving. Doctors rushing to your room trying to get your heart to keep on beating. There was no hope left as he looked me in the eye, pity concealing the truth tied deep inside. Stopping in my steps, a tear rolled down my eyes.


My body couldn't take it anymore and i crashed to the floor frozen, i needed you alive. They told me that wasn't all, you had cuts along your wrist, if this was the pain i had caused you i swear to god to bring you back and take me instead. I hope you're looking down at me as i write these lyrics, broken tears flown down my face, i think i don't need to end this because you still live in my heart every single day.


You gave me hope and i needed that, you gave me love and i yearned for that but mostly baby i needed you because you kept these broken pieces from colliding and now I'm slipping and sledding,mentally dying.  I just want you to know that you're always in my heart buried deep, you have every corner ,take up every place and one day i hope that i can join you up there and we can be happy forever. A stupid car accident took your life but what takes mine is the need to cry. I loved you and i still do. I'll keep on praying , i hope you hear these words that I'm saying.


Ohh i've opened up, opened up, opened



Hey guys,

                So i started to write this after i had finished reading a book and i couldn't stop thinking about it. I guess i kind of connected with it but i don't want to say how. I've always wanted to post videos of youtube with me rapping and singing but i guess i am wayyy to scaredXD.









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