Sherlock and Son

Mary is dead and there is nothing John can do about it. He's got to move on, he's got Charlotte, his daughter, to think about. Life was alright, calm, maybe even peaceful. Until one day something turns up that will change life as him and Sherlock know it.


3. Chapter 3

The hospital appointment had gone well; they had been half an hour late but thankfully most NHS hospitals were at least one hour behind their estimated schedule. Apart from the Doctor, she was a little bit touchy about the fact John was raising a child without a Mother, the appointment went well. But she did seem convinced he was in a homosexual relationship.
“So, is Charlotte’s other Daddy out at work?” the Doctor, who has introduced herself as Doctor Sophie Hooper, asked Charlotte, who was down on the floor playing with some of the toys. John was worried about the germs on the toys but Dr Hooper insisted the toys were cleaned every day, but he didn’t really believe her. John nearly choked on the glass of water the pretty young Nurse had given him once they had been waiting in the waiting room for half an hour.
“Er, Charlotte doesn’t have another Daddy,” John spluttered.
“Oh sorry, do we call him Papa or something else?” she asked smiling.
“I’m sorry; I don’t know what you’re talking about,”
“It’s just on the form you said you were living with a man, I assumed he was your partner, that’s alright, in fact studies show children with same sex parents grow up to be happier than children from conventional relationships!” she babbled on.
“Yes I do live with a man, my best friend, he’s not my partner!” John said. “I’m not gay!” he exclaimed.
“Honestly we don’t mind,” she giggled. “The NHS isn’t going to snatch your baby away if you’re gay. We’re love the homosexuals here, we’re not like ‘burn the gays burn the gays’” she shrieked. John was speechless. He looked at the Doctor for a moment; he couldn’t believe what was happening. “So is Charlotte adopted?” she asked.
“No!” he exclaimed. He glanced over at Charlotte making sure she didn’t hear what the Doctor had asked.
“So IVF or did you or your partner use a donated egg?” she asked.
“I can’t believe this,” he muttered. “Listen, I am not gay, Charlotte’s Mother is, sorry was my wife and we live with my best friend because I want to be around people."
“Oh God I’m sorry,” she exclaimed. “So you and your wife are divorced?” she asked. John frowned. He was used to being questioned about his relationship with Sherlock but not his relationship with Mary, everybody knew not to mention it too heavily; his emotions were still raw.
“No,” John said slowly. He glanced over at Charlotte; she was still playing happily unaware of what else was going on. “She’s dead,”
“Oh, Mr Watson, I’m so sorry,” she exclaimed.
“Doctor Watson,” he corrected her. He wore his doctorate like a badge especially when visiting other health care professionals.
“My apologies Doctor Watson,” she said. They sat in awkward silence for a few moments; the only sound was Charlotte playing happily. “Are you seeing anyone at the moment?” she asked.
“Why, are you asking?”
“No!” she exclaimed sounding a little too insulted. “I was curious as to whether Charlotte would have a female role-model in her life?” she asked.
“She has my Land Lady, Mrs Hudson,”
“Right, right,” they sat in silence for about two minutes before she clasped her hands loudly making John jump. “So that’s the end of Charlotte’s check-up. She’s in perfect health. You can book another appointment in six months’ time, but if you have any concerns with her health in the time being you can visit your GP or you can diagnose her yourself,” she chuckled nervously. John picked Charlotte up off of the floor and got out of there as quickly as he could.
About ten minutes later he found himself walking up the high street pushing Charlotte in her push chair. He had a list, and they were about to go shopping. On the list was chocolate biscuits, Sherlock loved them and was constantly eating them. For every pack John brought Sherlock had polished off another three packets, he was addicted. Well, John preferred that Sherlock was addicted to chocolate biscuits than what he used to take.

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