Hold Onto Me (Ashton Irwin AU)

Carter Wright had a bright future. That is, until a drive by leaves her mother dead and caring for her only sister and little to no experience with her. Within two years, they're able to piece their lives back together, along with the help of the Hoods and Hemmings.

And then comes the boy representing children to teach her that maybe "parenting" isn't the only thing in the world.

(5SOS Alternate Universe)


1. Prologue (Ashton's Point of View)

I can do this; I can do this. I'm ready. Everything I've learned so far will help me make or break this case. Then I can pick Carter up for dinner and hopefully cheer her up. Maybe Melly can give me a few ideas.

"I'm telling you the father will do whatever he can to get his hands on the little girl. He swears up and down that her guardian isn't capable of looking after her," I overhear the judge telling the bailiff. "Apparently he's warned her it would come to this."

"And what'd the guardian say?"

"To bring it on."

"So you're telling me after everything that's happened to the little girl, she's not afraid of losing her?"

"I must be fair and give the girl the benefit of the doubt. Poor things have lost their mom awhile back and it's been them two for some time."

Huh, small world. Carter could relate to that.

"What are the social workers saying about this?"

"That it doesn't add up. Everything is as close to perfect as it can get. Those two are peas in a pod. School records say the only time the little one has missed school was when she had to get her tonsils out. A week later, she was good as new. This happened a couple months ago."

I remember when it happened to Melly. Although she was happy to eat all the ice cream her little heart desires, she was frustrated that she couldn't talk right.

"And the guardian?"

"Had a promising future, that one. Already getting ready to graduate high school. Then the news comes to her and without a second thought agrees to look after her."

Isn't that a coincidence? Carter had to do the same thing.

"How old is she?"

"Twenty one soon and the little girl is five."

Okay, now it's getting scary.

"What landed the court coming in?"

"Her allergy to strawberries."


I open the folder and the two faces I have fallen in love with are staring at me in the face. No, no, no. This can't be. I can't.

"Wasn't her guardian...what's her name-Carter, I think?- supposed to know?"

That wasn't her fault; oh no.

"The little girl wasn't in her care. She was running some errands."

"So who's responsible?"

"A neighbour of hers. Mr. Irwin, are you okay?"

"No Your Honour, I'm not."

"What's the problem?"

"It seems that I know these people personally."

"How so?"

"I might be dating the girl in question."

"Well, that's not good."

You're telling me. "I-I had no clue sir."

"That makes two of us. So son, what's your decision?"

"Excuse me?"

"You were the one who said something about being a witness for a case as long as it did not interfere with this one, correct?"

"I- yes."

"And as it turns out, you're working the case you're supposed to be a witness for?"

"It appears so."

"Son, I hate to break this to you, but it's one or the other."

{Hi, so I'm new at this. Let me know how you like the prologue. I'm excited! Just have patience. Thanks for reading! :) XX-Byanka}

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