best friends forever......right?

this book is about a girl named kat and her first day of highschool as a freshman but what happens when she meets a boy named harry will they become friends or become enimies


2. Meeting New Friends

I woke up doing my daily morning routine and left the house and went to school. once I arrived in my English class I sat by harry....again hey he said. hi I replied with a sad look on my face. whats wrong kat he looked at me concerned. well I woke up to my parents fighting and im just having a rough time at home. well if you want you could spend the night at my place, I live alone. yea I will just have to ask my parents I said. ok he said. then class started.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~skip all classes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

once class was over we went to lunch me and harry just talked about our lives and once school was over I called my mom to see if I could spend the night at harry's house. they said yes so I went and packed all of my stuff up to get ready to leave to go over to harry's house. once we got to his house I immediately got dressed in my pjamas and went to the couch and looked at movies. then after a few minutes we decided to go upstairs and go to sleep for a few minutes and go to sleep. once I laid my head on the pillow I immeditly fell asleep.




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