Dear God

This is a story of a girl who 'related' to a girl who nobody wants to fight, since they call her "The Untouchable Queen" but this girl is very close to her. But then she had no choice to go with a thug to keep the academy safe. Who is this girl? What's her name?


3. Trouble with me

Headmaster was looking for me but he couldn't find me at all, then Julian saw me waiting for someone, before he could walk to me, a car pulled up. A group of thugs came out of the car, an older man said "Well well, we're looking for Jade Mar-" he was interrupted by Julian yelling "Get away from her!!" I said "I'll go but we have to go quietly," the man nodded, I looked at Julian for a second, then I left with them. The man said "So this is bitch that owes us money," the guy that was behind him, nodded, I said "I don't owe you shit!!" The man had smirked and said "I'm Julian a.k.a Baby Boy, you should be afraid of me." he put his hand between my legs, then I said "Get your filthy hands off m-" I interrupted by a sharp pain, then he whispered in my ear "You're mine now." He pinned me down, he started to put his mouth on my breasts, when Julian looked at me, he saw a girl scared who wants to wake up from a nightmare. Julian started to force himself inside of me, I started to cry and screamed. 4 days passed, Baby Boy was getting irriated by someone who hasn't paid his $300 grand. Who was this person who didn't paid him back??

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