Dear God

This is a story of a girl who 'related' to a girl who nobody wants to fight, since they call her "The Untouchable Queen" but this girl is very close to her. But then she had no choice to go with a thug to keep the academy safe. Who is this girl? What's her name?


2. The Untouchable Queen

Julian looked at us then he asked "How is she related to the Untouchable Queen?" The Class Rep shrugged and said "I don't know." During lunch, I went to pray in the prayer room, Julian started to follow me, while I was praying, Julian bumped into Alice. I turned around, I saw them both on the ground, then I turned back around and started to walk away, Julian got up and ran up to me. I looked at him so coldly, then I said "Get away from me now," Alice went up to me, she said "Jade, please let m-" I interrupted her "Please, I don't want to hurt anyone especially you Alice." Julian tried to come near me until the Class Rep stop him, I started to cry. Then the headmaster came, he was going to take me to my dorm, then Julian asked "Where are you going to take her, Headmaster?" Headmaster smiled at him and said "To her dorm," while we were walking to the dorms, a car pulled up quickly. The driver was Headmaster's brother, then they started to agrue, while Headmaster Vasquez and his brother were agruing and looking at each other, I left quietly.

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