Dear God

This is a story of a girl who 'related' to a girl who nobody wants to fight, since they call her "The Untouchable Queen" but this girl is very close to her. But then she had no choice to go with a thug to keep the academy safe. Who is this girl? What's her name?


7. The Pendant: part 2

After Yukito finished transforming, Julian started pulling the trigger but I used my weapon to block the bullets, then I kicked Julian in the chest, making him flying across from the spot where he was standing, I looked into his eyes and whispered in his ear "you're dead," I shoved my weapon into him, making him cough up blood, Alice looked at the pendant that I was wearing, then she yelled my name, I turned around and caught the necklace with one hand, I put it around my neck then collapsed, Yukito caught me and started holding me, tightly.  Few weeks later, Yukito and I were together forever, we became lovers and Alice had her lover, he told her that he was a werewolf and he was the alpha, she told him that it doesn't matter to her that the only thing what was important was that he love her and she loves him, she had a baby with him, after that she made Yukito and I the godparents for her son. We accepted and we gotten married and had twins, sons.

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