Dear God

This is a story of a girl who 'related' to a girl who nobody wants to fight, since they call her "The Untouchable Queen" but this girl is very close to her. But then she had no choice to go with a thug to keep the academy safe. Who is this girl? What's her name?


6. The Pedant: Part 1

I looked back at Yukito and said "Let go of my hand,Yukito!" Yukito said "No, I won't let you die!" Baby Boy saw Yukito, so I grabbed his hand and made him lose a grip of my hand. Then I close my eyes, I transformed into an angel with dark wings, and I had a sword in my hands. Julian  had a smirk across his face and he said "Finally, the real Jade has awoken!!" I said "Julian, did you think that you were going to keep hurt ther me while I was still sleeping," he chuckled and said "well at least she was so delicious," I got pissed off then I yelled "YUKITO!!" He looked at him but I went towards Yukito and kissed him, he was shocked but then he smiled while he was giving me a weapon that was waiting for my return. Before I could kill Julian, Yukito said "don't die," then he transformed into an angel with wings that were dragon-like.

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