Dear God

This is a story of a girl who 'related' to a girl who nobody wants to fight, since they call her "The Untouchable Queen" but this girl is very close to her. But then she had no choice to go with a thug to keep the academy safe. Who is this girl? What's her name?


1. I'm so lonely

Hello I'm only 16 yrs-old, I live alone with my roommate, and my name is Jade Martinez. I'm a 2nd year in the Imperial Academy, my parents had abandoned me, the headmaster took me in the academy and his home. Today, it's when all the students bring their parents to the academy, while I was getting a book, Mr.Yang introduce a new transfer student to the class, then the whole class surround him. I left the class, the whole class stared at me and the transfer student asked "May I go to the bathroom?" Mr.Yang agreed to let him go to the bathroom, I was looking out the window, he said "Hello I'm Julian Yukito," I said "I should get going, I'm sorry." The class rep saw him and she told him "You shouldn't talk to her," he asked "Why not?" Class Rep said "Jade is related to the Untouchable Queen." He saw me walking with Alice, then he looked at the Class Rep. He wanted to know more about me and the untouchable queen. Would he know me for good and be my friend or no???

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