My Rockstar Boyfriend|| L.H💋(on hold)

They say I'm stupid.

But you know what? I'm just an average teenage girl. I fall inlove, make mistakes...

But the thing is that, I'm never really into internet much and never really cared about the world.

Then one day changed everything...

A rockstar boyfriend?!!

P.S: I hope Luke Hemmings doesn't read this or he'll punish me �� shit

(Read to find out)


9. Chapter 7: The Words he said

Chapter 7: The Words He said


Mia's POV🍥 head hurts. Am I drunk? It really hurts damn!

"Oww. Where am I?"

"I see you're awake." WHAAAAA!!

My eyes widen as I see Luke, smiling. Uh, wait. WHERE AM I?! WHY AM I EVEN HERE?!


"Oi! What's up with you? Does your head still hurt?" He suddenly sat beside me and rubbed my head...IN THE BED.

Oh my gosh.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME, YOU BASTARD!" I slap him on his bicep again and again. He might've raped me or something! But I looked at myself, I'm still in my uniform though.

"Don't be such a feeler, Mia. And for a small girl like you, you shout like you just swallowed a megaphone. And excuse me, why am I gonna rape you huh?"

"Wait, why am I here anyway? Is this...your room?! Wow." I drool over his room cause it's so big and pretty. "Hey, is this the abandoned house?"

"Yeah. It was renovated yesterday after you went home. After I kissed you." This jerk making me remember that again.

"Tss. Okay, okay. Wait, how did I end up here?"

"You really can't remember?"

"Wait." There! I remember! That bitch, Liza! She has a big grudge on me. I dont know why. Tss

"So what, you remember now?"

"Yes but how did I end up here?"

"Isn't it obvious? I just saved from that mess."

"WHUT?! How did you even get there? Wait, you always show up wherever I am..." No way.



"Oh sorry. Haha yeah. I forgot you're famous harhar. DUH. Anyways, Thanks."

"For what?"

"For saving me. Even if I can't remember how you saved me but, thank you." I smile at him for the first time and it's sincere okay? He's really not so bad after all. But, still, he's a kissing monster. Ugh.

"Tss. Here, drink some water." He gave me a glass of water.

"Hmm..maybe you sneakily put some poison in this eh."

"Are you high?! I brought you here to treat you're wounds then you're gonna say that I'm gonna poison you?" He looks like he's annoyed.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry."

"WOW! For the first time, you said sorry!" He sat down on a beanie bag chair near the bed I was and he laughed and laughed. Oookaay, maybe he's the one who's high.

"What happend to you? You don't know me yet. How would you know if that's the first time I've ever said sorry to someone?" I said with a brow up.

I became nervous when he stood up and walked to me and hovered over me. One more inch and our lips are gonna crash into eachother. OMG! This is a kissing distance! WAAAA! He suddenly whispered something and I don't know but it gives me the shivers.

"Then I want to know you more." Then he winked. I froze in shock to what he said.

"Just go downstairs okay? I cooked dinner for us." My brain cells still can't process what he said. Wait, did he just said Dinner?! Shit! I looked at my watch and DAFAQ! It's 7:30pm! Mom's gonna kill me!

Did I really sleep that long?!

I rushed downstairs and saw Luke sitting on the couch. My bag beside him. I got my bag and smiled at Luke.

"Luke! Thanks for today! I need to go now. Mom's gonna kill me!"

"Aren't you gonna stay for dinner?"

"No, I'm sorry. But, thanks anyway!" I waved at him and rushed outside. Shit. It's really dark now! Thinking I'm a scaredy cat.

"MIA! WAIT UP!" I turned to see the one who shouted, it's Luke.

"WAAA! It's Luke Hemmings!"

"He lives there? OMG!"

"He's so cool!"

The hell? Even in this street? This person has a lot of charm.


"I'm gonna give you a ride home. I'll be the one to explain to your mom why you're late." I just stared at him with the 'Are you crazy' look.

"Are you serious?"

"Do I look like I'm joking right now?" Then he pulled me into his car. OMG. My mom's really gonna double kill me.

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