My Rockstar Boyfriend|| L.H💋(on hold)

They say I'm stupid.

But you know what? I'm just an average teenage girl. I fall inlove, make mistakes...

But the thing is that, I'm never really into internet much and never really cared about the world.

Then one day changed everything...

A rockstar boyfriend?!!

P.S: I hope Luke Hemmings doesn't read this or he'll punish me �� shit

(Read to find out)


8. Chapter 6: Fangirl Mayhem

Chapter 6: Fangirl Mayhem


Mia's POV🍥

What is Stupid? That's me. Why did I even went out of the clinic?! I see all the students staring at me like they all want to devour me alive! I think this is the 'FANS' the nurse was talking about.

"Okay uh, I'm gonna go now. Hehe." I was slowly walking to my classroom when some girl suddenly pulled me.

"WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?" uh, do I have a problem? Oh, YES I DO! A BIG ONE! They're gonna eat me alive!

I can't do anything about this so I guess I'll have to talk back.

"No, I don't have a problem. Why? Do you want me to give you one?" The girl frowned and looked pissed off. HAHA!

"Seriously? Why are you like that? You're such a bitch. You even look so nice and innocent. Tss." I hear a girl in the crowd say, she looks like a freshman. WOW. What a bitch.

"I really am a nice person, trust me. You just don't know me anyways. Oh and why are you guys cornering me?"

"Why are you like that, Mia?" Another on butted in.

"What are you guys doing, huh? Did I do anything to you guys? No I didn't right?"

I was shocked when they said all together "Were the 5sos fam! Were fans of Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin forever and always. No one is gonna break that. We don't want anyone to be close to them if they aren't even part of the fam!" Okay, that was off. I'm gonna kill you Luke!!!!!!!

Okay, I'm gonna be nice. It looks like I'm up for something.

"Oh okay. Hehe you're just thinking it wrong. Were not close you know. Hehe. I'm gonna go now okay?" I was about to walk away when a girl pulled me back.

"Where do you think you're going huh?"

"My classroom. Wait, you guys, aren't you gonna go to your classes? You should study well! You lower years. You should think about howbhard your parents work just to send you to school!" Wait, did I just said all of that?

They were speechless.

"You're so weird. HAHAHA! But, you're not allowed to leave until our leader is not yet here." Said the obe who looked like she's in year 10.

"For what?"

"To make ammends."

"Why am I gonna follow your rules huh?"

"Just shut up."

"The leader's here!" I heard a girl shout. I turned to see who that was and suddenly, my blood boiled.


"Yes, my dear?"

"Hello Ms. Liza!" All the girls greeted her. LOL

"Hey guys. I'm just gonna talk to this one for a while okay?"

"Okay! Goodluck! We hope she's gonna stay away from our Luke." Goodluck your face! Tss. As if I wanna be close with Luke but, maybe hehe just to piss them off haha!

"Come here." We went to the hallway, it's already recess.

She looked at me with fiery eyes.

"HAHAHA! Oh my gosh! You're the leader? Pfft"

She went closer to me and smiled. "Yes, I am. Why? Are you scared?"

"LOL. Me? Scared of you? Uh. Can I say yes? I really have a phobia on monsters you know." I said trying not to laugh.

"What did you say?!"

"No more repeats for slow people. Okay, so I'm gonna go now. Ciao!" I just smiled at her. But before I turned my back on her, I stared at her from head to toe.

"Geez Liza. You already have a boyfriend and yet you're still going for another one. What kind of person are you? Well, a slut perhaps. Bye" I turned my back on her when she suddenly pulled me back and slapped me.


"Does it hurt?! Huh?! HAHAHA! It's because you're such a stealer! You steal everything even Luke!"

"What did I ever stole from you, huh?! Who?! Tell me!! Luke? Woah! You're such a feeler, Liza! And whoelse? Come on, tell me! Aren't you the one who stole my boyfriend?!" Some students are already looking at us.

"Oh yeah! I totes forgot! He liked something about me that isn't in you! And FYI he's already your EX! I got him and I really love his kisses.!" I got hurt with what she said. My chest tightened. Tears are already brimming in my eyes.


"Won't you please stop bothering me! You already have Adam! You have nothing to steal from me anymore!" I was about to walk away when she said...

"What do you mean nothing? I'm not gonna stop until I steal away everything from you, Mikaela Salazar!" She suddenly jumped at me and started slapping me and pulling my hair. I can't fight back, she's too heavy. My body hurts. Nobody even thought of helping me. Even Adam or...

"Luke..." I whispered then everything went black.

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