My Rockstar Boyfriend|| L.H💋(on hold)

They say I'm stupid.

But you know what? I'm just an average teenage girl. I fall inlove, make mistakes...

But the thing is that, I'm never really into internet much and never really cared about the world.

Then one day changed everything...

A rockstar boyfriend?!!

P.S: I hope Luke Hemmings doesn't read this or he'll punish me �� shit

(Read to find out)


4. Chapter 3: First Day of School

Chapter 3: First Day of School


Mia's POV 🍥

"So it's true?"

"Yes it is."

"Oh my gosh! I heard that not only Luke Hemmings but also Michael Clifford and Calum Hood."

"I heard they'll be in year 12."

"God were so lucky!"

"Luke's mine!"

"No he's mine"

"Whatever, I'm going for Calum"

"I'm on for Michael"

That's all the rufus I've heard so far after I entered the campus 5 minutes ago. So they're really famous. So? Haha you know, I feel that the guy I met yesterday musn't be the Luke Hemmings. He's ugly. Hahaha joke!


"HEY!" Someone tugged me.

"Wtf! I almost freaked out you know!" I yell at my other bestfriend, Cassy. We hugged eachother since we haven't eachother in summer because she was having a vacation somewhere else.

We walked together to the bulletin board to see where our sections will be. We talked about our summer when suddenly the topic that I don't wanna discuss came up.

"Why are your eyes so puffy besh?" She asks

"Oh nothing. I'm just tired. Hehe"

"Tsss. You're a bad liar as always, Mia. I know you. What happened?" She crossed arms.

I told her the whole story about mine and Adam's break up yesterday.

"What the fcvk!? She actually did that? For real? What a slut!" You could see anger in her eyes. She knows that Adam was mu first boyfriend and she's even the one who introduced us to eachother cause they were cousins.

"Ugh. I just don't get your cousin at all! But it hurts." I get teary eyed.

Cassy hugged me and patted my back. "My beloved bestfriend. You can do it! There's many other guys than him and much much better than him." And she smiled at me. Is she high? It's not that easy to find someone else.

Were infront of the bulletin board. A lot of students are crowding the place and I even heard a scream.

"OMG!!! IT'S LUKE HEMMINGS!!!!" She screams like it's the end of the world. Like duuuh.

I continued to search for my name on the bulletin board. Yes! I finally found it. 12-C.

"Besh, I found mine. I'm in 12-C. How about you?" I said.

"Me too!" She exclaims. Yes!!! Atleast were classmates haha

The crowd closed in on us that's why Cassy was on the other side.

I looked again at the bulletin board and read the list of students in class 12-C.

Adam Taylor Alvarez 12-C



Liza Avellino 12-C

Sh.t!! They're my classmates? I want to cry now!

I need to go to the washroom. I turn around when suddenly

"OWWW!" I looked at the one who bumped into me. I fell down the ground because it was really hard. It hurts you know! I can't really see who he is 'cause my eyes were a bit blurry through ny tears.

"HEY! Why do you have to block the way? Aren't you gonna help me back up?!" I look like an idiot. Yelling at him when I can't even clearly see him. What if it's the principal? Oh please no.

He helped me get up. Why is everyone so quiet? Anyways, I wiped my eyes with my hanky and I looked at the guy who bumped me.

"Did you miss me?"

"YOU AGAIN?!!!!" Sh!t. It's ...him.

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