My Rockstar Boyfriend|| L.H💋(on hold)

They say I'm stupid.

But you know what? I'm just an average teenage girl. I fall inlove, make mistakes...

But the thing is that, I'm never really into internet much and never really cared about the world.

Then one day changed everything...

A rockstar boyfriend?!!

P.S: I hope Luke Hemmings doesn't read this or he'll punish me �� shit

(Read to find out)


3. Chapter 2: That Hot Stranger

Chapter 2: That Hot Stranger


Mia's POV🍥

He kissed me...

He kissed me...

He kissed me...

He kissed, ME?!

"HOWDAREYOUWHYDIDYOUKISSEDME?" I yell at the handsome stranger, wait what?

He just laughed and brought his face closer to mine, IS THIS ASSHOLE GONNA KISS ME AGAIN?!!

I quickly covered my mouth using my hand but he managed to remove it. Sh.t! Is this a pervert? HEEEEELP!

I just closed my eyes, hoping for the best. Suddenly, he flicked my nose and laughed really hard. Is this guy crazy? Shit I was embarassed.



You know what? I think I'm gonna punch this guy soon.

"Why did you kissed me in the first place anyways!" I yell. Ugh I remembered it again! I slap him in his bicep continously because I'm so pissed when he suddenly barged into a room and locked it.

"HEY! ANSWER ME! WHY DID YOU KISSED ME IN THE FIRST PLACE!" He still didn't open the frickin' door. Fudge! Is he bipolar or something?!

I just lean down the wall and slide to sit down on the floor beside the door. I feel my lips. I don't know why I'm so affected by that stranger's kiss. Maybe because, I remember my first kiss...with Adam.


It's our 1st monthsarry and me and Adam decided to go on a picnic by the beach. The weather was nice and the sound of the waves were relaxing. I was preparing a sandwich for both of us when he suddenly hugged me. Real tight.

"Baby, I know I have said this a million times but, I'm really happy that you're here by my side and that you're my girlfriend. I love you so much. Do you love me too?" He looked at me with his sparkling sapphire eyes. He gave me the look that no one has ever looked at me like the way he does.

"Ofcourse, baby." I pinched his cheek lightly. "I love you too so much. Forever and always" I said.

He held both my cheeks and he kissed me softly on my lips.

-end of flashback-

My first kiss. So important to me but ruined by that person.

I heard the door open and he looked shocked.

"Uh miss. Are you crying? Hey please don't cry! I just kissed you because you were really noisy." He said and sat down beside me. I didn't know I was crying, I think I couldn't hold back anymore, I cuddled to him.


"Uh miss. I don't know what happened to you but all I can say is that maybe you're hurting because you need to learn from you're own mistakes. Okay?"

I'm still cuddled up to him when I realized that I don't even know this guy. I jumped off him.

"You're already bored of my shoulder?" He asks while smiling like a jerk. But, he's so cuuuute!

He handed me his handkerchief and I wiped my tears off.

"Hehe. Thanks for comforting me. Even though you're one of the reasons why I crued right now." I chuckled.

"Eh? You're blaming me? Anyways, Why are you even in my house?" He asked

"It's because I heard something and I was curious. This was an abandoned house. I didn't know someone was living here now." I answered.

"My family lived here before and grew up in this house. Actually, we moved to UK and then they've decided to come back here in Australia. So, instead of buying a new house, were just going to renovate this house, my grandma's" he explained.

"Oh okay." I reply.

Silence. Not one of us spoke after that.

"Anyways--" we both speak at the same time. Haha synchronized? lol.

"Okay I'll go first. I'm Luke. And you are?"

"I'm Mikaela. Mia for short."

"Why Mia?" He asks.

"That's my nickname. What do you care anyways?"

"Why not Ella or Mika? Why Mia? It's so far from your name." He said.

"Are you high? Why don't you ask my parents?" I said.

"Yeah, maybe I'd do that haha. Okay anyways, where do you live?" He asks.

"Right around the block. I gotta go now, bye." I said and stood up.

"Bye." He says.

I walk out the house and continued walking my way home. Then, I realized I haven't returned Luke's hanky back. Whatevs, I'll give this back tomorrow.


"Mom, I'm home." I threw my bag on the couch and got some food from the fridge.

"Sweetie, you're sister's waiting for you. She's at the backyard." Mom said.

"Okay" I replied. What's my sister up to this time? Her name's Karla. She's my younger sister but she's more mature than me. LOL.

"Hey sistaret!" I sat down beside her. She was eating some chips. I shoved some into my mouth.

"Hey, you okay sis?" She says with a worried face. I think she knows already. News spreads fast.

"Tss. What do you think? Wait, how did you know?" I ask.

"Twitter sis." She showed me her phone. Wtf!? That slut! Arghhhhh! She's even proud that she stile my boyfriend?! Oh wait, EX-boyfriend!

"Ughh! She's such a slut!" I shoved sone chips into my mouth.

"Just let it go sis. The only thing important is what's gonna happen to you tomorrow. I'm pretty sure you're going to be the talk-of-the-campus again." She says.

"Like I care."


"Are you high, karla? What am I gonna do anyways? I'm just gonna forget and move on." I was shocked when Karla suddenly hugged me. Awww that's why I love my sistaret so much.

"Like, seriously Mia, you can do it! I'm right by your side!" She smiles at me.

"Thanks sis."

"OH I ALMOST FORGOT!! WHAAAA!!" She screamed.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"LUKE HEMMINGS of 5SOS is going to enroll in our school! Can't you believe it!! Shit shit!" She's screaming. Uhh, who's enrolling in our school?

"Who's that?"

"Seriously?!! The hottest frontman of 5 Seconds of Summer duuuh!"

"How did you know?"

"Seriously, I'm a big fan of 5SOS and I'm a Luke girl! I read it at an article that they're going back to school and there's a big possibility that not only Luke Hemmings will be joining us at Norwest but also Calum Hood and Michael Clifford! It's sad that Ashton's not joining cause he graduated already." She said while screaming.

"Uh, okay. I'm gonna go to the bathroom." I ran to the bathroom because I really need to wee.

After that, I went to the living room to get my bag and ran upstairs to my room. I put my bag down when I noticed Luke's hanky. Uh wait, LUKE?

Is he THE Luke Hemmings my sis was talking about? No, impossible.

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