My Rockstar Boyfriend|| L.H💋(on hold)

They say I'm stupid.

But you know what? I'm just an average teenage girl. I fall inlove, make mistakes...

But the thing is that, I'm never really into internet much and never really cared about the world.

Then one day changed everything...

A rockstar boyfriend?!!

P.S: I hope Luke Hemmings doesn't read this or he'll punish me �� shit

(Read to find out)


1. Chapter 1: Destiny

Chapter 1: Destiny 🔮


Mia's POV🌸

Do you know the word "DESTINY"?

Ofcourse you do, right? Almost all love stories happen because of destiny. It's like cupid is the one making a way for both of you to cross roads.

But you know, not all people who are destined to meet ends up together.

Just like me. They said we were destined for eachother. But why did he left me? That fcvking Adam still left me and what's worse, he replaced me with my bestest friend! What a shame right?!

I still remember that time when Adam texted me to meet him at the diner where we first met. That was the day of our 7th monthsarry. I dressed up and carried the gift which was a shirt he always wanted. When I was nearing the diner, you know what I saw?

Adam and my best friend, Liza were holding hands.

I didn't know what to do. I dropped everything I was holding and froze. They saw me and immediately let go of eachother's hands.

I don't know what to feel. Mia don't cry, don't show them you're weak. I want to yell, fight, scream and slap him but, My pride is really high. That's why I gathered myself and told him

"Hey, HAHA. Is this a joke? Can I laugh now?" I said trying not to cry but my eyes teary as fcvk. He just looked at me like he didn't care. It hurts for my ego and my heart.

"What kind of show is this? Are you two dating now? Well if you are, congratulations! You have found a replacement for me. Prettier and sexier than me. You go enjoy." I said. Smiling.

"Oh and by the way, WE'RE DONE." I said and walked out of the diner. I heard Adam calling me but I didn't look back, cause if I do, I lose.

I'm really not that pretty. Just an average face and a simple person while Adam is...he's got the looks, he's popular in the campus, he's also a varsity that's why I was shocked when he courted me. I thought him and his friends were just having some bets but he said he's serious about me. He's my first love actually, all my firsts. First boyfriend, first kiss, first love. But what happened earlier? He didn't even took the time to explain.

I don't know where I'm headed. My feet just takes me wherever it wants to go. Later on, I realized I was walking down our street when I saw the abandoned house near my home but I was shocked when I heard some music play inside that house.

Oh my God. That gives me the chills.

But what's bizarre is that the music playing totally hits my heart. Even if it's just a melody. I didn't hesitate to go inside (the gate was open) and followed the music to know where it's coming from. I entered the front door when suddenly the music stopped. Ooookaaay, that's weird. Maybe it really is a GHOST! Mommy! I gently went back down the stairs when suddenly someone pulled me.

"AAAAAAHHHHH! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME PLEASE!!! Huhuhu!" I was screaming the whole time, I can't see the person's face because he was covering my mouth.

"WILL YOU PLEASE STOP SCREAMING?!! Who are you and what are you doing here?!!" He let go of me and I brushed my bangs off my face and faced him. HOLY SHIT! HE'S GORGEOUS.


Erase erase!

"Oh me? WellIjustheardthemelodyandithoughtthat---"

*chup* (sound effect for kiss)

He cut me off by kissing me. WAIT, THIS HOT GUY IS KISSING ME???!! SH.T!!!

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