Fill Me With Poison

Amara Thorne past is full of secrets and mysteries. When her father dies in a car accident, heart broken she decides to go and live with her sister. Recently, finishing her studies she goes to live with her sister in London. In London, Amara meets her brother-in-law Harry. She becomes close with Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall. She shares all of her secrets with the boys, except one. Amara knows that however hard she tries, she will never escape her past.


4. Chapter Three


"Amara." a voice screams at me, causing me to wake up from my dream.

An agonizing pain rushes through my pain, I open my eyes staring at the white walls. I lay on the hospital bed motionless, the scents of unidentifiable food and medical substances invade my nose. I look at a nurse looking at me curiously, she analyses my blood pressure before calling out loudly. An old doctor walks in quickly, beads of sweat trickling down his face. He was old, probably in his early sixties with grey hair, but with blonde roots and strong green eyes, that made him look slightly younger.

"Good morning, Miss Thorne. It's good to see you awake, how are you?" the doctor asks me, inspecting records on a notebook.

"I'm good, what happened to me?" I ask, feeling confused.

One minute I was shouting at him, that one person who destroyed my life, and the next my head hurts, all I can remember hearing is the ambulance coming nearby.

"You see we can't exactly be sure; since when the ambulance arrived, you were lying on the floor, at the bottom of the stairs. It looked like you tripped, except you have a scar on your arm, like a knife wound, but we can't really be sure if you had it before," the doctor explains to me, pointing at a scar on my right arm.

I stare at the scar dumbfounded, it was massive in a shape of the letter "E" and that was when I knew it was him, who had done this to me. The feeling of just wanting to express my fear, of the demon who was hunting me, wanted me to explain to the doctors about what was really going on. But, remembering his words, when he had told me that it was my fault, told me that I should just keep quiet. Since every person who I had told, or became really close with had died in mysterious accidents or disappeared without a trace, I did not want this doctor, whoever he was to die too. It was enough for me, knowing that I had so many deaths on my hands, the endless screams and horrors of my past told me to keep quiet. The doctor looked at me in concern, I smile weakly and nod my head.

"How long have I been in Hospital for?" I ask.

"Two days, you're lucky you only ended up with a bruise on your head." the doctor tells me.

"How is my sister?" I ask, suddenly remembering my sister.

"Your sister is fine, lucky that you managed to ring the ambulance. You saved her just on time," the doctor says to me, patting me on my shoulder like I was a dog.

The sudden feeling to shove his hands away from me was what I was thinking, and I do my best to not show the annoyance, but something must have told the doctor that I didn't like it, because he slowly moved his hands away from me, and smiled at me like nothing had ever happened. He takes a step back and continues smiling at me.

"Doctor, when can I leave?" I ask.

"Well, your blood pressure and all the scans seem normal. If I was you, I would just stay for one more day. But, it is up to you, I can't do anything to force you. But, let me tell you like you were my daughter, I don't know what is going on, but I fear for you. I feel like you are in danger." the kind doctor warns me.

"I'm fine, of course, I am not in any danger though I appreciate your concern." I lie taking the wires strapped to my wrist and beginning to sit up.

"So I am  guessing you are going to leave now." he replies.

"Yes, I am busy at the moment. I have a few issues that I need to catch up with." I tell the doctor, standing up, brushing the dust off myself.

"Miss Thorne," the doctor begins to say.

"Please, call me Amara, everybody does. Miss Thorne makes me seem like an old lady, and you can look at me, do I look old?" I question the doctor, in fake annoyance.

"No of course." the doctor replies, trying to calm me down.

"I was joking. So what is it doctor? that you were going to say." I ask curiously, grabbing my handbag that was on the floor, not bothering to check if everything was still there.

"There was a young man looking for you and is still outside. He has been waiting for you outside for the last two days," the doctor says.

"A young man!" I exclaim, trying to think who on earth would be waiting for me, it wouldn't be Nicholas because he would be too busy with my sister, and Harry didn't know.

So I didn't know who had been waiting for me, and for two days, the whole time I was in Hospital for. Was this a kind friend or a mysterious foe?

"Yes," the doctor says, clearly seeing my confusion. "He looks young around your age or slightly older, with black hair and remarkable blue eyes," the doctor tells me.

"I don't know who that can be," I mumble to myself.

"Oh yeah, I remember. Yesterday I spoke to him; since he was clearly waiting for you, with a bouquet of red roses, and I asked him his name. He said his name was Ace." the doctor tells me, before walking out.

"Ace!" I whisper, my throat constricting as I whisper the name.

What was he doing here? It had been months since I had last seen him, nine months thirteen days four hours and 12 seconds if you were counting, but then who was counting. The sudden shock of seeing him makes me grasp the doorknob in fear.

"Ace," I repeat in confusion

I didn't know what was awaiting me as I started opening the door. I thought I would never see him again, the possibility of never seeing him again was like a million to one, but that million had been defeated, because here he was waiting for me. I hold my head high, and sum up all the courage in me and open the door widely. I wasn't ready for what I saw, but then again I would never be ready to face him.


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