Fill Me With Poison

Amara Thorne past is full of secrets and mysteries. When her father dies in a car accident, heart broken she decides to go and live with her sister. Recently, finishing her studies she goes to live with her sister in London. In London, Amara meets her brother-in-law Harry. She becomes close with Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall. She shares all of her secrets with the boys, except one. Amara knows that however hard she tries, she will never escape her past.


2. Chapter One

Harry tucks a lock of my dark brown hair behind my ear. He smiles lovingly at me and wraps his arm tightly around me. A few  teardrops trace tracks down my cheek, flowing into my frozen mouth. I stare down at my slender fingers, twisting and knotting repeatedly, as if doing so would hold back the turmoil inside me. Despair roams the atmosphere like wandering ghosts, expelling on the breath of heart broken people like me, who try their best to bite down the agonizing pain that brings them here. Loneliness bit to the bone, yet the naked pity in people's eyes made me want to scream in pain.

Harry beautiful green eyes look at me sympathetically, I could sense the warmth in his eyes doing their best to reassure me. But, his attempt failed. Nobody else could understand the feeling of losing a parent. The loss of my father was greater than any pain I could bear with. The other parent in my life, was supposed to be my mother but she didn't care about me. She was too busy with her new boyfriend, who was more than a decade younger than her. I lost all the respect for my mother, the day she never attended my sister wedding, or was never there for me when I needed her. Harry phone rang, interrupting the silence. He looked at the phone number, and then mumbled a sorry before walking away to attend the call. The funeral was quaint and dark, and I knew that if my father was still alive he would have hated this. He was a person who was always full of life, he always put me above everything else, and I loved him so much. 

"Daddy, I love you so much." I said gleefully, as my father swung me on the swing.

Screaming in delight and happiness filled me. I turn my head to look at my father, and accidentally slip onto the ground. I scream in pain, blood grazing from the cut on my leg. My dad ran to me, and held me tightly in his arms. 

"It's okay princess, don't cry." daddy whispered to me, tears trickling from his eyes.

"Daddy, why are you crying?" I ask him, questioning him as I cry.

"I'm crying because you are, whenever you cry I do as well." daddy confides in me.

"Don't cry daddy, look I am not crying now." I reassure him, biting my lip in pain, and hastily wiping the tears on my face.

"Good princess. Daddy loves you so much princess." daddy tells me, smiling happily.

I could feel everybody sympathizing with me, so many people, strangers included consoled me, but nothing could help with the pain. I rocked backwards and forth, trying to be brave.

"Amara!" a familiar voice yells loudly, interrupting the silence of the funeral.

I look up to see a familiar figure walking towards me. My sister. The last time I had seen her was for her children's birthday. Olivia looks just as I had seen her a couple of months ago. Olivia looked just like my mother, but she was even more beautiful. She looked professional, even for a funeral. Her beautiful blonde hair was kept tightly in a bun, her blue eyes looked at me in sympathy. Her slender arm was wrapped tightly around her husband Nicholas waist. He seemed very kind and doting, I knew that Olivia had dated Nicholas for a year before they got married, but from what I had seen I knew that Nicholas loved my sister a lot. Nicholas was handsome, and I could see what had made my sister fall in love with her. He was like a classic charming prince, with lovely brown hair and bright blue eyes. I knew that my sister was living a great life, her husband was an accomplished business man. The last time I had seen her house, it had made me envious and jealous. They had a seven bedroom house, with a large swimming pool and a glorious view of the city. Seeing Olivia made me feel less lonely, and I stood up abruptly walking towards my sister. 

"How is Gabriel and Gabriela?" I ask, questioning about her twins who are five years old.

"They are good, I didn't want to take them to a funeral since they are very young." Olivia tells me.

"I can understand." I reply, understanding how a mother cared for her children.

"I'm so sorry Amara, I knew that you were very close to dad, after all you were his princess." Olivia tells me.

"Were," I whisper, still not believing that I would never see him ever again.

"It was tragic hearing over the phone that dad had died in a car accident. Did they find out who hit him?" Olivia asks me.

"No, it was a hit and a run. So they don't know who killed him, the doctor said that if whoever hit him with the car had quickly taken him to a hospital, he would have survived. He died of blood loss, he was on the road for half and hour, how he must have suffered in his final moments?" I say shakily, gulping down tears that threaten to fall.

"I don't know what to say. It makes me cry, whenever I think of daddy. I know how hard he tried to raise us without having a mother. But, he never gave us the feeling that we never had a mother." Olivia sniffles, tears threatening to run down her perfect face.

"Don't cry Olivia, it's ok." Nicholas says, handing Nicholas a tissue and rubbing her back in reassurance.

I look at Nicholas reassuring my sister, it gave me some hope that one day I would find someone as special as Nicholas is to my sister, that will always love and protect me.

"So, Amara what are you going to do here by yourself, without dad you will have to live alone." Olivia reminds me of the painful truth.

"It's going to be so different living without dad, after you got married to Nicholas and moved away to London. The house was really quiet, but me and dad got by, it was never alone with dad. But, now that he is gone, I don't know what to do." I say to Olivia. "I am so lonely now." 

"You are never alone Amara, you will always have me. Our mother will never be in our life ever again, but you have me and I have you. You will always be my dear little sister." Olivia tells me.

"I know. But, Olivia never mention the word mother again to me." I say, shaking my head.

I never wanted to hear the word "mum" ever again. Our mother was a failure, she left us when I was ten, I remember crying for mummy to come back. But, she never did and from that day onward, it was always Olivia and me.

"Why?" Nicholas says in a confused tone.

"She isn't worth calling a mother, after all she didn't look after her children properly and that is what a mother is supposed to be." I tell Nicholas, who finally understands and nods her head.

"So Amara why don't you come and live with us in London, after all you won't be lonely any more, and it will be nice for Olivia to have her sister close by." Nicholas tells me.

"That is a great idea, I didn't know how  that thought didn't occur to me." Olivia says.

"I don't know." I say thinking of Harry, the thought of never seeing Harry ever again made me want to say no.

"Come on Amara, unless there's a reason why you want to stay?" Olivia asks me.

"No, of course not." I say, not wanting my sister to know about Harry.

Since she would assume that Harry was my boyfriend, and would want to embarrass me in front of him. I had already learnt that the long way, that you should never tell your sister about your love life.

"Then why not?" Nicholas questions, smiling at me kindly.

But, wait Harry said that he was going to live in London as well, since he had to go and see his family. Maybe I could meet Harry in London, and it would be better to live in London, with my family, since I wouldn't be lonelier anymore.

"Sure then, it will be nice to live with you Olivia." I answer.

"So Amara, why the sudden change of heart?" my sister questions me doubtingly, cocking her head slightly to one angle.

"No reason." I lie, shaking my head.

"You are so mysterious sometimes Amara, sometimes I wonder why you are so mysterious?" Olivia tells me.

"I know, I do as well." I reply.

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