New life or is it

Taylor is a new student at pasco middle school she knows no one and no one knows her past. There will be pain and joy as you go through her life journey it is a tragedy what she has been through but


2. maybe it's a sign

The next day was dreadful but yet pleasant I had made a friend but I'm not sure if she's trust worthy yet? She might be a spy waiting toake her move when she has anuf intell on me or is she really a friend? I don't want her to know my past cause then she'll leave me like Silvia did when she found out. Taylor what's wrong you look paranoid you look like there's a swat team coming after you lol , Stacy said laughing I couldn't keep it a secret for long so I had to tell her no I couldn't I'll just tell her the jist! Well I begin... I moved for a reason I have a bad past and I don't like to talk about it, I say. Ok I understand but I'm allways here if you need to talk to someone ok I won't tell anyone your problems or secrets were friends and nothing can Change that ok? She says. I think in my head that's what Silvia said before she found out and left me!!! When I went home it was raining I guess it rains everyday here it used to be sun shine birds chirping an happy people everywhere well happy until they found out about what I did. As I walked in the house my mom was crying and my dad was holding her. My m screamed it's all her fault I want to go back home let's just ditch her here let the cops take that little brat and well be free we didn't do anything wrong it's her. My dad told her that she's are daughter and she had no choice so I'm sorry that you can't go back because were hideing her so that means were accomplishes even tho we shouldn't be hunted down we just need to get some evidence to show that out baby girl is not what they think ok Hun now go rest?! Ok my mom says walking to the door. I then run too my room crying because of me my family had to leave everything behind and that saddens me to death I wish I could just go back and not do it no if it wasn't for me he'd still be..... No no I can't even think about it I just wish that he was never born then my life would be great. As I cry myself to sleep i hear a yell and then a scream it sounds from across the street I ignore it and drift to sleep.

7 months later and I have only one true friend Stacy she's amazing allways with me side by side I'm not very paranoid anymore tho. As I was falling asleep in my cozy new bed I heard my dad and mom fighting I heard her yell you'll never get away with this!!!!! Then I heard something crash against the wall like it was thrown or something. My father said stop just stop please for our daughter?! She's not my daughter any more, my mom said screaming angerily then I heard her yell I'm calling the cops. When I heard that I hid under the bed she was gonna call the cops on me my own mother wow I can't go to prison I just can't I'm to little I'm just to little ad it was not my fault well kinda I heard I'm sorry but it's for our daughter then I heard my mother say no no please you'll never win evil allways loses I heard a scream then just space less silence...........

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