Bless the Broken Road

Jem is married, Atticus is dying, Dill hasn’t been seen in years and Jean Louise is more alone than ever.


2. ♦ Prologue



The sky seemed grim the day Dill received news of Atticus Finch’s wavering health, hindering him temporarily disabled. It seemed almost ridiculous (in fact, it was ridiculous) that of all people Jem had been able to contact, he chose him. Even years after actually seeing one another, the extraordinary request was put upon him. And that was how Dill, in place of work, ended up seeking out the next train going straight to Maycomb, Alabama.

Why me? Why me? Why did he choose me? Those were the only things circulating Dill’s mind as he packed the night before his departure when in actuality he already knew the answer to that question. Atticus Finch, the father of Jeremy Finch, was dying, and even after all those years apart, he was the only person Jem trusted enough to take care of and support his younger sister, Jean Louise Finch in those hard times that were to come. It was understandable that Jem, who now was very much married and had a child coming along, wouldn’t have much time to spare to tend to his sick father. And, to be honest, Dill would be lying if he said he wasn’t just the least bit flattered to be considered worthy for that request.

The reason why hadn’t come back all those years, anyway, was because of the importance of him getting a proper education. It was expected of him. Simple as that. Education had been and always would be the top priority for everyone around him, because how would he possibly get a nice job as an uneducated young lad? And as years went by, he slowly got used to spending his summers studying at home, instead of by Aunt Rachel, Jem and his sister Scout back in Maycomb County. Now, however, he hands were already shaking in excitement and anxiety for what was to happen and how he would be received, which of course, by the way, had nothing to do with the fact that Jem’s sister Jean Louise or Scout had also been his first love. – And undeniably so. 


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