This was how we planned it to end. They were to prosper. They were to build empires. Then for the final step, they were to plunge into devastation. It's not like it was something foreign to their nature, if anything it was all they seemed to believe in. Kill until you're the last one standing. They weren't supposed to have survivors. Maybe the human race... was worth saving.


2. Experiment With This


     It took only a matter of hours before we reached Dallas, and it took only a matter of seconds to realize this city had been bombed as well. I picked up a piece of cement torn from the ground. "Have any of you wondered if the bombs were radio active?" I turned around at their confused faces. 


     "I don't think we would have lived this long if they were." Brian said. I turned back to the destruction that lay before me. "Where to next?" I ask. Silence, but only for a moment. "Vegas?" It was Gary. 




     They're still alive. "We can't just kill them." Said Edison. I agreed with his opinion. "We can't just let them live either, they could possibly just rebuild what we have destroyed." This time Antoinette. I sit back listening to their arguments and discussions among themselves.


     "Why don't we just experiment with them?" My ears perked up. It was Einstein. Everyone was silent waiting for a reason. "They survived what we thought would've finished them," he began. "Maybe these few should at least be given a chance to continue." Everyone around the table began to think about his proposal. "We'll give them challenges, tests, anything for them to prove they're a species worth continuing." 


     It could work. They wouldn't be guaranteed life, neither death, but a chance. "All in favor?" Nearly everyone raised their hands in agreement with Einstein's plan. "Wonderful." He smiled through his bushy mustache. "Those of you who think they don't deserve a chance can help decide the challenges." They nodded. It sounded fair to them. 


     "Well then, let's begin." 


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