This was how we planned it to end. They were to prosper. They were to build empires. Then for the final step, they were to plunge into devastation. It's not like it was something foreign to their nature, if anything it was all they seemed to believe in. Kill until you're the last one standing. They weren't supposed to have survivors. Maybe the human race... was worth saving.


1. 1: The Last Stage


     The air held the faint smell of ash. The dust flew into the air as the people began to run holding on to the only hope that they'll survive this. The world had fallen.

     World Peace seemed to be just a dream, just a hope that human kind could've been better. New York City had just been bombed. 
     Human kind had taken it's last fall into destruction. 

     The Empire State Building fell. The giant pieces flew through the air landing on innocent people fleeing for their lives, sadly they failed. This is what happens when humans get the slightest taste of power. So sweet they try to steal the rest, little did they know, it leaves a bitter taste. 

     So many times did we try to help them. Guess they can't be taught. After everything we had done, they just never learn.




     My head was aching. I was hit in the back of the head by a man with a wrench. He had wanted to take my car. We all had to run for our lives, but for some, running wasn't fast enough. 


     This happened days ago, but the pain still lingers. I gently rub my neck. I've been in this bus for about three days straight now, trust me, It's not the most comfortable place to sleep. When I regained consciousness I was in a hijacked school bus stolen by a group of other survivors. They were going through the rubble when they came across yet another body, but this one was still breathing. 






     So here I am with a bunch of other people I've barely even known for three days and yet I practically know their life stories. The first guy, name's Ben Davidson, age 29, he was an athlete. He was strong and fast, no one needed to ask how he got out alive.


     Sarah Grant, 24, she was a news reporter. One of the first to hear about the bombing. If it wasn't for her, most of us would have calmly been going about our day when the bombs came, not even having the slightest idea what hit us. Another, name is Brian Calvin, 23, was Sarah's camera man. 


     Christina Hanson, 38, she just happened to be the driver of the bus. She was here along with her daughter Elizabeth, 19. Another woman Sandra Taylor, 32, had been a lawyer. Luckily for her she was also a marathoner. 


     My name's Will Conner, 25. I had come to New York with my sister Kiara. We were both to attend NYU. I guess when I was knocked out that guy kidnapped her. Or worse. "Deep in thought there, aren't you Will?" I looked to my right. It was Elizabeth. I hadn't noticed that I was blankly staring at the seat in front of me. "You could say that." I glanced at my wrist watch. We've been on the road for five hours now. 


     "My mother says it'll be a few more miles til' we reach a gas station," she was staring at me intently. "We need gas. We're also in need of more food." As if on queue, my stomach growled. I didn't realize I was hungry. "Here, eat this." She held out a bag of potato chips. 


     "Thanks." I took the bag, it was already open and half way empty, but I didn't complain. I slowly began to eat. Never eat to fast on an empty stomach, I learned that the hard way in high-school.  


     High-school. Seems like a millennium since then. Since the bombing. 

     The bus stopped. We had stopped at a gas station. "Here's a good time for you all to take a bathroom break and gather some food while I gas up the bus." Christina announced.




     I gathered all the food I could carry. We all were. "Need help there?" Who would have thought someone would have been here. Gary Rodriguez, 21. Apparently he didn't hear about the bombing. How could he, this gas station is in the middle of nowhere. 


     "I'm fine." I said as I made my way out the door. Gary and I were the last ones out. "Hop on in boys," Christina closed the doors after our entry. "Next stop," she started the engine. "Dallas, Texas." 


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