The Factionless Born

Everyone seemed to have had the choice, the decision to decide where they belonged. Everyone except for us; the factionless born. Born without a faction of origin, without a purpose. Maybe one day things will be different. We will have something to live for. The end of the system, the beginning of something new.


4. Worth It


     I yawned. It was too early to be awake. It was still dark outside. "Come on Riley! Hurry!" Danielle whisper shouted. Travis was beside her. "Hop on sleepy head." He smirked. I climbed onto his back, he is too tall for his own good. He began to run again with me on his back. 


     Travis was a transfer. Switched from Amity to Dauntless. He made it through stage one without a sweat, he had the build of an ox. Made sense seeing how he came from Amity. Stage two really got to him though. He couldn't do it, it left him factionless.


     Kaitlyn and Danielle led the way to the train, they said we all needed to have some fun. 


     Travis ran alongside Charles. Charles couldn't do much when it came to doing something athletic, after all he used to be  an Erudite. 


     "Come on Charles, do you wanna hop on my back too?" Travis smirked as he glanced over at Charles. Charles was breathing hard, this was really tiring for him. "Shut up Travis." 


     We finally made it to the tracks. "Just in time." Kaitlyn smiled. The train came around the corner, the wheels screeching. "Your on your own now Riles." Travis put me down. I groaned.


     We all began to run alongside the train. Travis was one of the first to make it followed by Danielle. She held out a hand, I gladly took it. She pulled me in with ease. "Come on Charles." Kaitlyn cheered him on. 


     He began to run a little faster. Travis took his hand pulling him up. "I don't know how you all can do that so easily." He huffed. He leaned against the wall next to me. 


     "Where are we even going Danielle?" Travis asked. "Better not have woken us up this early for nothing." I said tiredly. She smirked. "What? You mean to tell me you don't like waking up early just for the fun of it?" I scoffed. "This better not be the fun you were talking about." She smiled. "Trust me, It'll be worth it." 


     Wind came through the open doors giving me the chills. I should have grabbed my jacket. Charles noticed. "You cold?" I nodded. "A little." A smirk tugged on lips. "Here." He slipped his jacket off and placed it on my lap.


     "Thanks." I grabbed the jacket and slid it onto my own arms. His jacket was larger than mine. "Get up you guys! We gotta jump!" Danielle yelled as she stood by the open door. 


     I stood just as she jumped. "Watch out," Travis warned. "Concrete." I nodded. You have to be cautious when jumping from the train onto concrete, don't want to break your neck or anything.


     Charles' breathing had sped up. "Don't worry Charles, come on. You'll be fine." I jumped out landing on my feet. Many of the factionless have mastered this. 


     Charles came tumbling out after me. "Hurry up or we're going to miss it!" Danielle entered a building. It had a few walls missing. It hadn't been used in years, the rust on the bars were a give away. 


     Danielle led us up the stairs. "It's only a six story building, you will all be alive after this." Danielle smirked causing the rest of us to smile. 


     When we finally made it to the rooftop the sun began peeking up over the horizon. The mixture of warm colors and dark were beautiful. The bright orange of the sun invading the darkness of the sky. "This isn't so bad, is it?" Danielle asked. I glanced at her, she was smiling. 


     The orange made her skin glow. The warmth began to spread through the air. This was worth it, even if we had to climb six stories of stairs to see it. I smiled. Definitely worth it. 



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