The Factionless Born

Everyone seemed to have had the choice, the decision to decide where they belonged. Everyone except for us; the factionless born. Born without a faction of origin, without a purpose. Maybe one day things will be different. We will have something to live for. The end of the system, the beginning of something new.


2. What Could've Been


     Evelyn nods as she crosses her arms. "We need to gather the divergent among us." She watched as many of the others had welcomed the newest member to the factionless. "If it's of importance to them, it will be of importance to us." Chris nodded, he was practically Evelyn's personal body guard. I didn't say anything as I stared at her. She only ever seemed to be interested in destroying the factions, the whole system. 


     "Tell every last one of them." She finally faced us. "We need to find the Divergent before the Erudite." She almost spit out the last word. Never seemed to trust them, especially now that they seem to be planning something. Something big.


     "Chris," he stood just a little bit taller, standing attention. "Retrieve James for me will you." It was more of an order than a question. He left without a word. I didn't leave, I didn't want to, but neither did I want to stay. I was debating on which I would choose when Evelyn's gaze caught my own.


     "Something wrong Riley?" I don't know, was there? I frowned. "No ma'am." I turned, exiting the room. I needed air, I need space to think. 




     I jumped barely making it onto the train. I haven't been on the trains as much as I used to. I leaned against the wall sliding down to the floor. My breathing had increased, along with my heart rate. 


     As the train passed many of the buildings I wondered, why would the Erudite be searching for the Divergent? Who cares if they wouldn't obey orders when given, it's not like they didn't have the choice to kill them. 


     I combed my fingers through my long thick brown hair. If only I weren't factionless. I could have been wearing any of the factions colors instead of the odd mixture of colors I wore; a red t-shirt with white slacks. Maybe my faction of origin could have been Candor. Probably not. Dishonesty was one of my many flaws. Amity? My mind drifts to the thought of the newest factionless boy from Amity. What other faction would he have chosen if he had known choosing Dauntless would make him factionless? 




     I make my way to my corner, it was where I kept my belongings; my poor excuse for a bed, an extra pair of clothes, and some cans of food. I plopped down onto the mattress making the springs sink down even further. 


     "Hey what happened to you? Thought you were coming today." Kaitlyn. I totally forgot. "Sorry, guess I forgot." I was supposed to go with her and Travis to the inner parts of the city to find the factionless and the Divergent among them. "No worries, didn't find many anyway." She took a seat next to me. I nodded.



     There was a long pause of silence between us before she began to talk again. "Ever wondered if we weren't factionless?" She's never asked this before. I shrug, I've had the thought many times. "We could have been living happily within a faction not having a single worry." She frowned. The mood between us quickly changed. "Yeah, maybe we would have never met and you wouldn't be taking all the space on my bed right now." A slight smile formed on her lips. It was the best I could do to lighten the mood. 

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