The Factionless Born

Everyone seemed to have had the choice, the decision to decide where they belonged. Everyone except for us; the factionless born. Born without a faction of origin, without a purpose. Maybe one day things will be different. We will have something to live for. The end of the system, the beginning of something new.


12. We Meet Again


     I frown. "Why can't we help?" I ask. Charles tries to object to the idea of helping. "I-" "Fine, why can't I help?" Evelyn eyes me. "I asked you to help, didn't I?" I scoff. "I don't want to be the coward, I want to be out there with them." I say.


     Most of our factionless 'soldiers', those whom had the build and the most strength, had left for the Candor headquarters. The Divergent traitors were there keeping, as far as we know, Divergents hostage. 


     I wasn't there. I wasn't helping with the attack. "They already left." She says. "And besides Riley," she reasons. "I needed you here, along with Charles." 


     I throw my hands up in frustration. "Why?! Why do you need us?!" She frowns at my outburst. "Riley," she say calmly. "I don't want to lose everyone I know." She says. I notice how she doesn't use the word love, seemed nearly impossible for her. 


     Chris comes through the door. "They stopped the attack," he says gruffly, looks like I wasn't the only one not allowed to leave. "They are heading back." 


     Evelyn nods. "We now realise that in order to take down the system, we have to first, take down the Erudite." Wasn't that the plan in the first place? "In order to do that we must have the other factions side against them." She says. "Therefore cutting off at least some of their resources." 


     "And the Amity?" Charles questions. The Amity aren't taking sides, they are staying 'neutral'. "It's not them I was referring to as they have already made their decision." She says. 


     Charles nods. I decide it was time for me to leave, I was no longer needed. "Riley, where are you going?" Evelyn asks. I was nearly out the door. "To make sure everyone returns safely." I don't necessarily lie. "Chris will be taking care of that task." She answers. 


     I reply calmly. "I don't seem to have any further use at the moment." Charles catches my gaze. 


     "Very well." Evelyn gives in. "Make sure to report back to me if either of you find any other information." She says. Charles nods following me out the door. 


     "What's your plan?" He asks me. I furrow my brows. "Plan?" He scoffs. "Riley, I saw your act plain as day." He says accusingly. "I know you aren't going to just sit around, not while everyone else is up and about." I shrug. Maybe I did have a plan. 




     I nod at another Dauntless wearing a blue band around their arm. Charles follows suit. "Ever noticed how your plans usually require dress-up?" Charles asks. We both wore black clothes with blue bands wrapped around our upper arms. I suppress a smile. 


     I shrug. "Where would Jeanine be?" I whisper. Her name has become a popular one among all factions, including the factionless. "I might have an idea." He leads the way through the halls. "First door on the left." 


     I nod, there stood a few dauntless guarding the door. "What do we do?" He whispers. 


     "Hey," I freeze. "You two, come here." Charles and I turn to face a dauntless man. His hair was blonde and swept back. Piercings cover his face. I know him, or at least I've seen him before. He was the man from the alley. 


     Will he recognize me? "What are you doing?" He asks eyeing us both. Neither of us say anything. "Do I need to ask again?" He questions. I decide to speak.


     "We're just waiting for orders sir. We were told to ask if there was anything needed to be done." I lie. Luckily he doesn't seem to recognize me. He seems to take the lie. "Go help with the Divergent." He orders. Neither of us move. 


     He eyes us suspiciously. "What are your names?" I glance at Charles. He's nearly cowering in fear. He awaits an answer. "Eric!" He glances behind him. I guess that's his name. "We have a situation." Another dauntless soldier says. He fills Eric in on the information. 


     Eric takes one last glance at us. "I'll be right there." He says. The dauntless man nods leaving. He eyes us once more. I shift uncomfortably under his stare. "What are your names?" 


     "Is that important sir?" Charles asks. Eric smiles almost sarcastically as if amused. His smile quickly fades. "If it wasn't would I have asked?" I don't know what to say. 


     "Eric, we need you right now." The man reappears. Eric nods. He eyes us one last time. "You got lucky this time, if I find you screwing around," he smiles. "Let's just say, it won't be pretty." 


     He leaves following the dauntless traitor. I breathe. I didn't notice I was holding my breath.


     "What now?" Charles whispers. I don't answer, I don't know. I just walk down the hall taking the same path as Eric. 


     What is it that he was needed for? Charles doesn't question my actions, he quietly follows. 


     I find we are at an intersection of hallways. "Which way did he go?" Charles asks catching on to what I was doing. I don't reply. I find a figure walking towards us. His blue suit, clearly Erudite. 


     I frown. His brown hair has grown. I turn to leave. He can't notice us."Riley? Charles?" Too late. "James."


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