The Factionless Born

Everyone seemed to have had the choice, the decision to decide where they belonged. Everyone except for us; the factionless born. Born without a faction of origin, without a purpose. Maybe one day things will be different. We will have something to live for. The end of the system, the beginning of something new.


9. Not Divergent


     It's been a month. Kaitlyn has been receiving food as well as water, but she is still locked away. 


     Charles sits beside me. We were both silent. We were on the roof of the building that Danielle had shown us. I ran my fingers through the dirt. "So what do we do?" He asks. 


     I shrug. "James, now Kaitlyn." Charles didn't get to talk to Kaitlyn, he only knows she was the one to take his place. 


     "She didn't do it Charles," I say looking up at him. "And you know it." He sighs frustrated. "Then why did she admit involvement?" I go back to drawing in the dirt. I hug my knees to my chest. "You know why." to save you.


     Kaitlyn's feelings toward Charles were transparent to us around her, even to Charles. "Yes, but-" "She likes you, when people like you, they care. When people care, they'll make sure you are protected." I say.


     Silence. Quiet. There was a long pause before he spoke again. "Are you protected?" He asks. I don't reply. I could care less who wants to protect me. The ones that I want to protect me... have betrayed us. 




     I never really liked walking through the streets of the city, people sometimes stared at us; the factionless. Edward and I were sent to find other Divergent. 


     "Shut up?! You are telling me to shut up?!" It was a man's voice. Ed turns back to look at me. We were close. We have to be quiet. "I could turn you in," it was the same voice. "I hear Divergence is wanted by the Erudite."


     Ed turns the corner with me at his heels. "Please," the girl cried. She looked no older than me. The man held her by the collar of her shirt. "don't hurt me." 


    The man smirked. "I won't, but I can't guarantee the Erudite will be so kind." Ed pushes the man off of the girl. "I will hurt you if you touch this girl again." His voice deep, rough. The man's face falls to a frown. He says nothing, he runs. 


     "Thank you." The girl says. She wipes away the tears that stain her face. Ed nods. "What's your name?" I ask. She looks from me to Ed, she returns her gaze to me. "Maria, former Candor." She says. 


    I would've guessed Candor, she still wore the clothes of her former faction. "Come with us Maria. You won't be safe out here being Divergent." Her eyes grow wide. "No," Ed knits together brows. "You're gonna turn me over." She says. She tries to run, Ed grabs her arm. 


    "Let go!" Before Ed could block her knee, she kicks him where she knew it would hurt. Edward cries out in pain falling to his knees. The girl runs. I follow her down the alley before she turns the corner. 


    She screams. There stood three Dauntless soldiers. One of them smirk. "No need to be afraid." The first dauntless man says. "We just need to check and make sure you are fine," he pulls out a deice. "It won't hurt, I assure you." 


     The two other men grab her and hold her still. He 'scans' her. "Divergent." He smirks. "Jeanine will probably want her alive." I move my foot, it scrapes the ground.


     Their gaze catches mine. "Grab her." He takes hold of the Maria's arm while the others Chase after me. I run. 


     I could have outrun them, if I hadn't tripped. I hold my knee. I scraped it. They roughly pick me up by my arms and drag me back. "Come now," he fakes a pout. "I'm not that scary. Am I?" He chuckles before scanning me. 


     "Leave her, she's not Divergent." They let go of my arms. Instead they grab Maria, dragging her away. "Help me!" Tears fall down her face again. One of the men hiding her covers her mouth with his hand. 


     I stand there. What do I do? I run again. This time toward the Dauntless men. I grab her hand and pull. I don't see a point in this, but I have to try. 


     I feel a fist make contact with my face. I fall to the ground, where I stay. I hear their footsteps as they walk away. My vision becomes blurry. "What happened? Are you hurt?" Ed kneels beside me. They got away. Their car pulls away from the alley. "Yo..." I feel myself drift away into darkness. He hit me harder than I thought.


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