The Factionless Born

Everyone seemed to have had the choice, the decision to decide where they belonged. Everyone except for us; the factionless born. Born without a faction of origin, without a purpose. Maybe one day things will be different. We will have something to live for. The end of the system, the beginning of something new.


7. Guess Not


     The first time I rode a train was when I was twelve, it didn't end well.


     Tears were falling down my cheeks. It was my first time jumping of a train, I scraped my knee and twisted my ankle. "Crying won't help." I look up. It was James. 


     "It hurts." I whine. He nods kneeling down beside me. "I know, I know." He gently places his fingers onto the skin covering my foot. "Does it hurt when I touch here?" I stare in wonder. I shake my head. His blue eyes meet mine. "No." 


     "Here?" I shake my head again. He grins. "I think you'll be fine Riley." I frown. "Are you sure?" He nods. "I don't think you'll be able to put weight on it though; without it hurting at least." 


     He places a hand under my knees and the other on my back. He lifts me into the air. "Don't you dare drop me." I say wrapping my arms around his neck. He chuckles. "I wouldn't dare." He smiles.




     When I was fifteen, only last year, I remember my first kiss. 


     The streets were dark and cold. My breath turned into a little cloud. "It's pretty cold out here." I say to no one in particular. James, Danielle and Kaitlyn were silent as the train rode past the buildings of the city. Danielle whispers something to Kaitlyn. They became factionless when I was fourteen, only a year ago. 


     "Kaitlyn and I are going to check on Jack. He said he wasn't getting enough food the last we saw him." Danielle said. Kaitlyn kept silent. James nodded. "Take him extra." We were bringing food to our other factionless friends throughout the city, there were only two people left. 


     "Riley and I will take the rest to Roger." The two girls nodded before jumping out the train leaving only me and James. I look at him, he's smiling. 


     "What?" I ask. He chuckles. "Been meaning to ask what was with you lately." I shrug. He knew, it was about Travis. "How has it been going with you two?" I look away, his stare boring into me. 


     I sigh. Travis also became factionless around the time James did. He confessed his feelings to me about two months ago. I wrap my arms around myself. I admit that I had feelings for him as well when I was younger, but now, I'm unsure. 


     I've accepted to be his girlfriend. "He's been trying to..." I don't finish the sentence. "What? Kiss you?" I look back up at him. He was smirking. I hadn't kissed anyone before. I bet he has. Both Travis and James.


     James walks over and stands beside me. "There's nothing to be afraid of." I shrug. "Easy for someone to say when they've been kissed before." I say, I don't even know if it was true. "Who says I was kissed before?" I look at him, he's smirking still. 


     "Okay, okay." I knew it. There's a pause before he speaks again. "It's not that bad." I face him again. His face is closer. He smirks again. What happened to the nervous twitch? I smell the alcohol on his lips. 


     "Or would you like to prove me wrong?" He asks. I don't answer, I don't move. He leans in closer until his lips are against mine. He slowly kisses me. He's right. It isn't that bad. He wraps his arms around my waist, deepening the kiss. 


     He slowly pulls away. "Now you know there is nothing to be afraid of." He is still smirking. "No need to be afraid of your boyfriend anymore." He looks out the window. We're almost there. "Come on." I almost forgot. He smiles grabbing my hand as we jump out of the train. 


...end of flashbacks...


     I frown as we exit the Erudite headquarters. James was there. He was the first person to ever kiss me. He hasn't said anything during this past year, not a word. I guess this proves it. 


     He never loved me. Not as much as his precious Erudite home. 


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