The day before suspension.

Liv's POV

Ash and I were in school And were sitting in the back of the room ash was sitting on the bean bag and I was sitting on his lap while laying on his chest. He was rubbing my thigh with his hand.

Luke came over and asked "O, my gosh, did u get suspended, sis?!?!" I giggled "Yea" Luke said "Damn, your bad ass sis" Ashton laughed and I blushed while his hand went from my thigh to my butt, and back again.

I said "My ass kinda hurts from last night haha"

Luke's face got red then he looked at ash. Ashton gave Him a smirk and rubbed my side. I kissed him and said "I'll be right back baby, I need to use the bathroom." Ash said "K babe, hurry back".

Ash's POV

As liv was in the bathroom Luke and I were talking about last night.

I said "Yea dude, your sister, was amazing." Luke looked at me and said. "Dude I'm sorry for trying to punch you, liv was just having a hard time with her last boyfriend and she wasn't as happy s she is with you now, so welcome to the family bro" I smiled, sat up, then patted him on the back.

Liv walked into the class room and started to run to me I got up and as she got closer, I opened my arms and she jumped into them.

I hugged her tight and wispherd in her ear, "I will never leave you babe, your the best thing that ever happened to me" I could feel her smile on my neck and she kissed it. A tear rolled down her cheek and onto my neck. Her arms were around my waste and mine were around hers.

I still had my army uniform on in school and the teacher and all the students looked back at us and clapped. We looked at them and I waved. She blushed. Her arms were around my waste. She was in tears now and smiling, she kissed me on the cheek and said " I love you babe."

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