Luke's POV

SHIT!!!! Okay umm my sister is dating my best friend. I'm gonna go tech him a lesson.

Ashton looked at me with a smirk and turned away to kiss Liv against the lockers. I walked madly against the floor to him. I pushed liv out of the way and took a swing at him. He just kept smiling evrytime I left hooked him, right hooked him, no matter what I did he just stood there. Then he hit me. I got knocked out. The last thing I herd was liv saying " ASHTON WHAT DID YOU DO??!!!!??!!?!" Then I herd her crying my name " LUCAS!!! Nooooo! 😭 That's when I blacked out.

Next thing you know, I felt liv crying on my chest thinking I was dead but then I said "L-llll-iiii-vv?"I opened my eyes and she stopped crying. She said to me "OH LUCAS!" And smiled she kissed me on the cheek then on my neck witch made me blush. I hugged her as tight as I could then kissed her neck. She hugged me as well. Ashton walked in and liv took a swing at his stomach. He flinched and held his stomach like he was about to through up. I laughed quietly. She slapped him across the face and said "ASH, IF YOU EVER AND I MEAN EVER TRY TO DO THAT AGAIN, I WILL HURT YOU JUST LIKE YOU HURT MY BROTHER, OKAY?!?!??!!!!!!

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