4. Chapter 4

Ashton's POV

The next morning I woke up next to the most beautiful girl in the world. She looked so peaceful sleeping in my arms. I rubbed my hand softly threw her light blue/black hair. I looked at the clock. Shit, we were late for school. I shook her body softly and she woke up with a groan. She said " urrrggg, what time is it" I said "Baby, uhh glad your up I-" she cut me off and said " Holy shit are we late?!??" I answered "Umm yea...." Her face looked shocked. Liv quickly got up and got some of my sisters skinny Maroon jeans on from in her room. I gave her one of my baggy tee-shirts and my beanie so she could wear her hair down. She grabbed her bag and I drove us to school.

We entered and I looked at Luke to see if he noticed if we came in. He obviously did and saw me holding Liv's hand. He texted me and it said *YOU BETTER NOT BREAK HER HEART, OR ILL BREAK YOURS.* I kissed liv on the cheek then took my seat next to her and started playing footsies underneath the desk with her.

He obviously knew that we had sex because of my hair and half un-buttoned shirt, and her messy hair. Liv kept texting me sexy things witch turned me on, I looked at her then blushed.

I love her so much I didn't learn anything in first period but If I staired at her just right, no that's not right if I staired at her anyway, She would be beautiful.

1st period ended. Liv and I walked out together and I put my arm around her shoulders. And kissed her (might've gave her a little tongue too. 😅). She blushed and rubbed my back.

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