Ashton's POV

"I love you" I said to Liv. I love you more than anything. I repeated in my mind. She looked at me like I was crazy, but then said it back. I was so surprised😳. My ---- hardened. She gives me those cute eyes, she gives her brother, the puppy dog eyes. I slowly get up and Leaned in to kiss her. And she returned it. I cupped my hands on her face, as she put her hands around my neck. We closed our eyes at the same time. We went up the stairs still kissing and into my bedroom. I flopped onto the bed and she started taking off her tee-shirt. I un hooked her bra. She grabbed my shirt then unbuttoned it. I smiled while she went down my body with one hand. She looked like she was ready to take me. So she unbuttoned my pants as I put my hand on her boob. She moaned. She leans up to meet my face and says "You ready?" I nodded. She undid my pants and started to suck. She moaned and I moaned with her. As she was sucking I said "F-fuck, Liv! Uhh uhh". I herd my sister coming up the steps and yelling my name. But I couldn't stop liv , I was at my highest. And she licked it up so quick it's like I wasn't even at it. I wispherd to her, "My sister is coming up the steps, we need to get dressed and u need to hide." Liv grabbed her clothes and hid in the closet. I slipped on my pants and pretended like I was sleeping. My sister entered quietly, saw that I was "sleeping" then left. After liv herd the door slam she ran and jumped on the empty spot next to me and giggled. We were so tired we both cuddled next to each other and went to sleep.

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