2. CHAPTER 2- Detention?

Livs pov

Mrs Ashley, my teacher was yelling at me about my graffiti on the walls. Ash herd and came running over to say, "Hey babe, it's our anniversury tonight" I blushed and said, "Mrs Ashley, can I please have this night with just me and my "boyfriend?"

She said "Well, if it's for true love then sure"

Ash and I both blushed. Mrs Ashley walked away. I said to Ashton, " You didn't have to do that ash, I don't know how to repay you" He smirked and said "Wanna come over my place tonight and have dinner with me?" I blushed, and said "Sure, just let me tell lu-" he cut me off ,"Don't tell him please?"

I said "I won't." I kissed him on the cheek then blushed and texted him to pick me up @ 8:30. He texted back (K)

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