Liv's POV

Night fell by fast and it was time. So I put on my blue and black dress Ashton got me for our anniversary.

As he walked through the door from his nightly jog, I walked down the stairs and ran up to hug him. He said to me "Wow, you look amazing."I blushed. I said "Not to shabby yourself baby." He laughed. Ashton started to kiss my neck then suck on it. He cupped his hands on my cheeks.

I put my arms around his neck. I took off his shirt then his bandana and put it on while smiling. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up stairs to his bed room. He flopped on the bed and told me too " Baby, lay on me, please?" He gave me the cutest eyes you could ever.

So I put hands first at the ending of his feet, then made my way up to his chest wear I laid down on his chest, waiting for him to make the next move. He flopped me onto were he was on top. Ash smirked. He kissed me then kisses my neck and goes to the bottom of my dress and takes off my panties.

He puts his face up my dress and I feel him licking my clit. I moaned his name "awhh- fuucckk! Ash!!!" I could feel him smiling. He put three fingers inside me while massaging my boob with his hand. He said "spread your legs wide babe, so I can put it in"

As he started to push it in he moaned and I grabbed the back of his hair. He pushed faster and faster and faster. I moaned. An hour flew bye and he was still fucking me harder and harder.

He said "B-aa-b-ee uhh, uhhh i-iiiimmm go-nnnnn-aaa cum" I moaned as Loud as I could and said "Uhhhhh, I'll take it" I moaned. He was hard, really hard and amazing at it too. I pulled him underneath me softly so he wouldn't hurt himself. I got off his dick and put my mouth on it while he was liking my clit.

He cummed in my mouth and I accedently did it to him too. He said "Wow babe, you taste soooo good." Then moaned. I said " umph yoooouu tooo Baby" When he was finished I was finished and we both cuddled and I fell asleep in his arms.

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