This Is The Story Of My Life

I got bored, SO, here is me writing random crap about my life�� IM REALLY ODD SO IM SORRY. BUT IM A REALLY INTERESTING PERSON, KINDA. �� ✌��️


7. yay hospital


HEYOOOOO. so I don't have much to say today. I just have a story of what happened to me today.

Alright so. I was at my cousins house and we were about to go swimming. I was running on the deck (yeah I know, you aren't supposed it do that) and of course knowing how clumsy I am, I slipped and fell. I fell on the deck and slid across it into the pool then hit my head on the side of the pool and it knocked me out cold. My dad and my cousins had to jump into the pool to get me out and take me to the hospital. When I woke up I had bandages all on the back of my legs and head. I guess when I slid across the deck I got like 25 giant slivers in my legs. And of course I cracked my head open. BUT ITS REALLY SMALL. so I get to stay in the hospital for a while. Yay. Hospital food. But oh well, I'm safe. So I might not be posting tomorrow night because the doctor said I have to rest and take my mess. Which totally knock me out. Lmao. So that was my day. How was your day?

**MORE TOMORROW (maybe) it's been a long day. It's time to take my horse pill and sleep yay.** ~Jordan✌🏻️~

P.s.- Fuck Bitches Get $$$. IDK K BYE.

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