This Is The Story Of My Life

I got bored, SO, here is me writing random crap about my life�� IM REALLY ODD SO IM SORRY. BUT IM A REALLY INTERESTING PERSON, KINDA. �� ✌��️


6. Rough night


Hello people. Today was interesting. I had a wedding to go to today. (No, not mine) I got crunk and danced so hard. AND I WAS BY MYSELF. I looked like a loser but IDC. I had to drive my parents home because they were so drunk. And uh, my dad said some things that he shouldn't have. I felt like he slapped me in the face, and maybe he did. I mean, it hurt that bad. I'm not going to say what he said, because I just- I can't. So. After that I left the house because obviously I didn't want it to turn into more than hurtful words. I drove to my work (because my Bffs Shelby was working) and I hung out with her until close. Then we went to her house for a bonfire and I got drunk. Then I started to think about what he said. It made me want to do things that I shouldn't. And I didn't. I've been there before, I don't want to go there again. SO THAT WAS MY NIGHT.

If you guys are ever feeling the way I did, please talk to me or someone. I'm always here. ❤️

**MORE TOMORROW. don't ever harm yourself. It doesn't solve anything. It only makes it worse** ~Jordan✌🏻️~

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