This Is The Story Of My Life

I got bored, SO, here is me writing random crap about my life�� IM REALLY ODD SO IM SORRY. BUT IM A REALLY INTERESTING PERSON, KINDA. �� ✌��️


1. Introduction :)

Okay, so, hi! I have no idea how to start this but, I've always wanted to start a blog (even though my life is so boring, whateves. ) so here I am! I guess I'll tell you a little about my self. YAY. I'm Jordan Leigh. I have longish brown hair with purple/pink streaks in it (as of in June but I change my hair like every 2 months cause I get bored, so it will probably be a different color soon). I have reddish brown eyes. I'm caucasian. I'm 5'5 and have a 10.5 for a shoe size. (Yikes). Im curvy. I'm a senior in high school but I'll be graduating in like 10 days (June 14 2015). I have a older brother (Zachary) and a dog (Taz). My parents are Jill and David. My favorite color (as of right now) is purple. I'm in band, marching band and tennis. (Yeah, I'm a band nerd). I work at an ice cream/adventure park. I'm currently falling asleep right now ( it's almost midnight) so I'll stop it right here!

**MORE TOMORROW. Sweet dreams. I'm really not at boring as I seem, lmao. Alrighty then. Peace out.** ~Jordan✌🏻️~

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