This Is The Story Of My Life

I got bored, SO, here is me writing random crap about my life�� IM REALLY ODD SO IM SORRY. BUT IM A REALLY INTERESTING PERSON, KINDA. �� ✌��️


2. Howdy.


Alrighty so, I have a question (for anyone reading this {if there is anyone}). Here it is: is there anything yall want to know about me? Anything about anything and everything. JUST ASK ME I DONT CARE WHAT IT IS.


So I had work today. I worked from 6 to 10 pm (I know, hardly any hours.) BUT. there's this really creeper guy that works there named Spencer. He practically asked for all the girls numbers that worked there. ME INCLUDED. Today he walked into the store and came up to me and said: ( S- Spencer and J-me {Jordan})

S: how's is going in here

J: it's goin man it's goin

S: that's good

-awkward silence-

J:'s the weather out there?

S: it's kinda cold out but not really

J: that's good I guess

S: yeah -flexes his arm muscle- wanna feel how cold is it?

J: er.....I guess.... -awkwardly pokes his arm- yeah. It's cold.

S: sure is

J: -stares-

S: well I'll get back to work and get your number later

HE SERIOUSLY SAID THAT. and I just sat there because WTF do I say to that?!?! He creeps me out soooo much. He's not even cute. (Not to be rude)

SO. that was my night.

time for bed. Yay.

**MORE TOMORROW. I HOPE SOMEONE IS ACTUALLY READING THIS. I would feel stupid if no people did. Whateves. Good night you little earthlings.** ~Jordan✌🏻️~

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