marsh x mewmew

"Romantic" story about a teenage couple


1. Their love

It was fairly cold on this particular night as she waited patiently for him. As she waited for him to arrive, she could not help but have thoughts run through her mind about why he had not arrived yet.Even though she knew he was a little...well.... a lot clumsier than he appeared.

However,she soon drifted into a daydream and was soon,not aware of her surroundings.This meant she did not notice Marsh exit the train and slowly walk towards her.He sat next to her waiting for her to stop daydreaming and notice him.Eventually he started booping her and calling her name softly "ana~."They gazed at each other for awhile before she finally said "yaaaay marsh's here~" breaking the silence and smiling at him. He hugged her and gave her a kiss on the head before she hugged back whilst smiling at him.

They walked to back to her house slowly while talking about their studies as well as current events, but there was tension in the air.When they reached her home, she left to go take a shower as she was slightly sweaty from the walk,leaving him alone once again.He went to her room and set down his things as well as prepare his laptop.After setting it up he started playing games,not noticing that she entered the room.

She hugged him with the devious intention of distracting him from the game but he didnt mind at all and turned around to kiss her on the cheek. She has not expect this which caused her to get flustered and scamper away slightly.

Marsh looked and smiled at her but she hit him lightly,face still redder than a tomato,she hugged him and he rested his head on hers being quite abit taller than her. As the night grew darker,they slowly became tired and decided to go to bed.

However,in bed,the atmosphere got more tense and akward as they both wanted to give in to their rather intimate desires.

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