marsh x mewmew

"Romantic" story about a teenage couple


2. Their love 2

He pushed her down boldly as he was ready to make the first move. She blushed a deep red staring up at him but she did not struggle as she was ready to accept him.

She slowly unbuckled his pants and pulled it down revealing his large bulge in which he started blushing as well. As he took off her pants she started moving her hands downwards only to cover herself after he had taken her panties off. He moved down and whispered softly into her ear "how will i make love to you if you cover it my dear...", she blushed an even deeper red as he slowly pulled her hands off causing her to whisper "d-don't stare at it".

Slowly she started taking his underwear off only to reveal his large manhood as she bit her lip knowing it would soon enter her. Without hesitation he rammed it into her deeply, her moan ringed throughout the house, luckily for them no one was home that day. He started moving slowly, enjoying her erotic moans before quickening his pace as they embraced each other desperately. Before reaching climax silence came over them before they let out a loud moan as she came while he filled her up with his love. They panted heavily while they hugged exhaustedly, they embraced each other weakly before falling asleep.

In the morning they stared at each other lovingly before blushing intensely as they realized they were still naked and in full view to each other with the morning light shining onto their bodies.

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