Internet buddies

*Ding* My twitter alerted me. *One new message and one new follower*


1. Chapter one

This is Amelia James. 


Ding! My phone read. One new follower and one new message. Ok I thought. This is normal because I have like 2.1 mill. followers. This one is different? I don't think so. "Amelia Grace James get your god damn ass up here and watch Mean Girls with me!"Amanda, my BFF, yelled from the basement. "Fine I'm coming,"I said bringing the popcorn down with me. 

I decided to read the message. 

Hiya beautiful ;) -Luke

Hi? -Lizzie

Y the ? -Luke 

I decided to just ignore him. "Who's that babe?"Amanda asked. Yes Amanda and I are the type of friends that call each othe babe. Not to get off on the wrong hand. We are not like that. "I don't know some fan I guess,"I said scrolling through the latest news.

I write my own music and do cover of songs. "Put down your phone or I'll take it and hide it from you,"she said staring at me. "Fine,"I said slowly putting my phone down as if it were a weapon and she was the police. "Good. That was my so hard was it?"she asked in a baby voice. Ding! "I swear to god if you pick that phone up then you are dead to me!"she said pointing her finger at me. I held my hands up in defence. 

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