Internet buddies

*Ding* My twitter alerted me. *One new message and one new follower*


3. Chapter 3

I decided to call Amanda. But of course it went to voicemail. She never picks up her phone. "Hey Amanda I'm bored and I want someone to talk to. I'm going to message that Luke kid from twitter if you don't call back. Come over to mine if you get this message. Bye boo,"I said rolling my eyes. Ding! God what does he want. I sigh. 

Hi -Luke 

Listen "Luke" I don't know if u r some horny old man or some 7 year old boy so please just leave me alone -Lizzie 

I'm 18 first of all and I'm in a band sooo yeah I'm not some horny old man -Luke

Whatever -Lizzie 

What continent do u live on -Luke 

it starts with and "a" -Lizzie 

I live in Aussie -Luke 

Same -Lizzie 

Oh -Luke

Whats your # -Luke 

Uh can we meet first -Lizzie

Fine u live in Sydney? -Luke 

Yeah -Lizzie 

Starbucks on the corner of first and sunset -Luke 

K -Lizzie

Three days from now. At 12:00 -Luke 

K -Lizzie 

(Three days later) 

i got dressed into a pair of high waisted shorts and a muscle tank. I checked the time 11:40. Ta about a 10 minute walk from my house to the Starbucks "Luke" was talking about. 

I got to Starbucks to see a tall boy around 6'4 with a beanie covering his blonde hair. He looked up and saw me. He smiled and motioned me to come towards him. "Hi I'm Luke. I told you I'm not some horny old man,"he said. I giggled at his comment. "I guess you're right. Wait woah your Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer! I thought you were joking her you said you were Luke Hemmings,"I said realizing I had been talking to him. He chuckled. 



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