Internet buddies

*Ding* My twitter alerted me. *One new message and one new follower*


2. Chapter 2

After Amanda left I went on twitter to see what this idiot wants

I think you're pretty without any makeup on -L

I think you're funny when you say the -L

Punch line wrong. I know you've got me -L

So I let my walls come down down -L

Shut the fuck up -A

Ohhh she has a dirty mouth -L

I said shut the fuck up! Do I have to spell it out? -A

Ok ok ok chill your beans -L

First of all I don't know you. Second of all you don't know me and third of all I just plain out hate u already -A

Aww your not nice -M

What the hell is that ur girlfriend saying I'm not nice -A

Guess you shouldn't be talking to other girls -A

Actually no that was my best mate Michael -L

Ohh you're Australian! -A

Fuck! What! No who said that! -L

Wow u r so bad at hiding things that it's funny -A

Well gtg don't ever talk to meh again -A

Luke's POV

Well gtg don't ever talk to meh again -A

Oh how rude. I'm deeply offended -L

No response. Ok well she's ignoring me. "Hey Luke who was that she's is mean,"Michael yelled from the kitchen. "Um...that very popular youtuber Amelia James."

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