*For the Percy Jackson Competition*
Look, I didn't want to be a wizard.
I never asked to be the son of an Azkaban prisoner.
I was just a normal guy — until I got sent to Hogwarts.
That's when things get really interesting.
Now I spend my time fighting with wands, battling other Quidditch teams and generally trying to stay alive.
This is the one where the Minister of Magic thinks I've stolen the Elder Wand — and making him angry is a very bad idea...


1. First Year

(First Year)
Percy's POV

As the steam cleared, Percy caught his first view of the Hogwarts Castle. 
It was magnificent, and even from a a distance he could see the little lights that shone through the windows, bordered by dark stone and protected by magic. Percy took a deep breath and smiled. His father had been a wizard, although he never got the chance to meet him. For the first eleven years of his life, it was just him and his mother, who raised him with the stories of magic and wonder that his father had told her.
And when he finally got his letter, he screamed with joy and his mother baked him blue cookies and they sat in front of the TV and ate them together, not watching anything, just talking about all the magic he would experience. 
"Move it, stupid," A voice pulled him back to the present. A tall girl with red hair was staring down at a small first year like himself. Percy noticed that he was on crutches. 
"Hey," he called, "Don't talk to him like that."
The tall girl turned to face him. 
"What did you say?" she sneered. 
"Don't talk to him like that. Just because he has crutches."
The girl stalked towards him, a look in her eyes that told Percy that she wouldn't mind setting him on fire herself. 
"Nancy," a voice called. A tall blonde student with a scar on his cheek was standing on the edge of the platform. Percy felt strange looking at him, like he was dangerous. 
With a withering look, Nancy huffed and walked back to the student. Percy ran over to the boy on crutches. He had tousled brown hair, and brown eyes, and was currently chewing on an aluminium can. 
"Thank you," he said, sticking out his hand. 
"I'm Grover Underwood, by the way."
Percy shook his hand and smiled. 
"I'm Percy Jackson."

They reached the castle just in time, and ran into a hallway to see the rest of the first years gathered. A teacher - no, a centaur! - stood at the top of a staircase and smiled down at all the students. 
"I am Professor Chiron, head of Gryffindoor." The teacher said softly, "And through these doors is the Great Hall. You will be sorted into one of the four houses, Gryffindoor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin."
A brunette, who was standing beside Percy, suddenly turned towards the two boys. 
"Scruffy brown hair, hand-me-down robes, you must be an Underwood." she sneered. 
Grover chewed on his aluminium can even more. The girl held her hand out to Percy. 
"I'm Clarisse. Clarisse La Rue."
"Percy Jackson," Percy introduced himself, but didn't shake her hand. 
"Ahhhh, the famous Boy Who Lived?" she spat. Percy didn't understand but Clarisse was looking at him like he was a pile of garbage. 
Suddenly, Professor Chiron opened the doors to the Great Hall, and the first years spilled into a room of amazement. Percy was awestruck. Hundreds of kids sat around four large benches, eating all the food they could possibly ask for. On a raised platform sat a plethora of teachers. One, in a purple robe and hat, sat right in the middle, and held what Percy believed to be a can of Diet Coke in his hand, something he hadn't seen since he entered this world of magic. Then he looked up at the ceiling - oh, the ceiling! Candles floated it mid air, and the roof was magically painted to look like the night sky. Percy couldn't believe his eyes. 
Professor Chiron walked up, past the first years, to the front, where he promptly brought out a stool and a funny looking hat. After waiting a few seconds, he stepped to the side and allowed the chatter of the students to quiet down. 
Suddenly, the hat opened its eyes and its mouth and began to sing. 
"Oh you may not think I'm pretty, but don't judge on what you see. I'll eat myself if you can find a smarter hat than me. You can keep your bowlers black, your top hats sleek and tall, for I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat, and I can cap them all. There's nothing hidden in your head the Sorting Hat can't see, so try me on and I will tell you where you ought to be. You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart, their daring, nerve, and chivalry, set Gryffindors apart. You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil. Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you've a ready mind, where those of wit and learning will always find their kind. Or perhaps in Slytherin you'll make your real friends. Those cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends. So put me on! Don't be afraid! And don't get in a flap! You're in safe hands (though I have none) for I'm a Thinking Cap!"
Percy couldn't smile wide enough. 

The Sortings went by rather slowly, Percy thought. He was just so excited about being sorted that he didn't really concentrate on most of the names. There were a few that caught his ear, though. 
"Annabeth Chase!" Professor Chiron called, and the prettiest blonde girl walked up to the Sorting Hat and sat on the stool with such pride and confidence that Percy both hated her and liked her immediately. The Sorting Hat had been placed on her blonde curls for mere seconds before it shouted out her result. 
Her grey eyes lit up when she heard, and she almost ran towards her new housemates, who clapped and smiled at the new arrival. 
After that, the names seemed to blur together.
"Jason Grace, Gryffindoor!"
"Piper McLean, Hufflepuff!"
"Grover Underwood, Hufflepuff!"
"Frank Zhang, Gryffindoor!"
"Clarisse La Rue, Slytherin!"
"Leo Valdez, Gryffindoor!"
"Connor Stoll, Hufflepuff!"
And then finally, he heard his name. 
"Percy Jackson," Professor Chiron called. He hurriedly walked towards the stool and sat down on it, clasping the edge of the seat hard. The Sorting Hat was placed on his head. 
"Mhhmmmm," it said, "A tricky one. You could have much potential in Slytherin, you know."
Percy caught a glimpse of Clarisse, sitting underneath the green banner, staring up at him through narrow eyes. 
"No, I don't want to be in Slytherin!"
The Sorting Hat made a strange noise, like it was surprised. 
"Very well then, Percy Jackson. Hufflepuff!"
Percy smiled as he joined his new family. 

The prefects led the first years away. Percy watched as the Gryffindoors, led by a tall girl with dark hair and electric blue eyes, exited the hall first. Then the Slytherins, following the tall blonde boy he had seen on the platform. Annabeth blushed as the older prefect winked at her as he passed. Clarisse glared at Percy as she was led away. Then the Ravenclaws, excitedly talking behind a prefect named Malcolm. Percy looked for a head of blonde curly hair, but Annabeth Chase was lost in the sea of chatting Ravenclaws. Finally, the Hufflepuffs exited. Their prefect was a skinny boy with brown hair and twinkling blue eyes, who grinned mischievously at the first years. 
"Hey, I'm Travis Stoll, and I'm a Hufflepuff prefect." He pointed at a boy in the back, who shared his brown hair and blue eyes.
"Looks like my little brother got into the badger house too!"
The first years laughed. Connor simply blushed. 
Travis led them through the castle, weaving past talking paintings and moving staircases until they reached the Hufflepuff basement. The first years stood, crammed, in a kitchen corridor in front of a stack of barrels. 
"Alright, this is how you get into the Hufflepuff common room."
He took out his wand, and gently tapped the barrel two from the bottom, and then the middle barrel of the second row. There was a slight rumbling noise, and a corridor opened to Percy's left. Smiling, Travis entered the small corridor and gestured for them to follow. The first years followed him, one by one, until there was three of them left. Percy and Grover stood side by side, staring into the darkness as another girl prepared herself to enter. She had choppy brown hair and eyes that couldn't decide which colour they would choose. Percy thought she was rather pretty. 
"I'm Piper," she said, "You going in?"
"After you," he gestured to the corridor. She walked through, ducking her head. After she was gone, Percy and Grover looked at each other, and then the corridor. 
"You go first," Grover muttered.
Taking a deep breath, Percy entered the corridor. When he came out the other end, he found himself in a round room that smelt like dirt. It was lit by copper lanterns, which hung next to potted plants from the low ceiling. Comfy yellow armchairs were dotted around the room and moonlight streamed in from low circular windows, mixing with the fire from the lanterns. 
"Wow," Percy breathed. 
That night, as he crawled underneath his yellow patchwork quilt, Percy stared up at the ceiling and thought about how magical this place really was.

The rest of the year flew by. Percy's classes started early in the morning, and soon he found himself in a steady routine. His favourite class was Flying Lessons, with Professor Beauregard, who quite easily attracted the attention of the male students of the class. Percy, however, knew she was madly in love with the Transfiguration teacher, Professor Beckendorf. Besides, Percy would rather focus on flying - and a certain blonde. She excelled at everything, he quickly found out. 
"Hey Chase," he called to her one flying lesson in October, "Race you to that tree over there?"
She narrowed her eyes and looked at the selected tree, located about a hundred metres away. Annabeth whipped her head to look at Percy with the faintest smile on her lips. 
"Bring it on, Jackson."
The both climbed on their respective brooms, and gripped them tight between their hands. 
"Ready," Percy called.
"Set," Annabeth said. 
Percy flew ahead, laughing, as Annabeth was caught unawares. 
"Jackson!" she cried and she sped towards him. Pretty soon they were neck and neck. The tree was just up ahead, and Percy could almost taste the victory...
"Percy! Annabeth! Immobulus!"
Percy's hand froze before he could touch the tree and claim his victory. If he could move his head, he could have seen how funny Annabeth's face would have been - and the disapproving look his teacher no doublty wore.
After she set them down, sighing before taking away their brooms, Professor Beauregard told them to meet with her after class. Annabeth wouldn't meet Percy's eyes. 
As their teacher walked away, Percy turned to his friend, grinning. 
"How awesome was that?!" he cried, "I almost had you there, Chase, almost -"
"Shut up!" she shouted, "You got me in trouble, you no good seaweed for brains! My family is gonna kill me when they find out!"
"But it wasn't that much of a deal," Percy argued. Annabeth crossed her arms and sat down on the grass. 
"My family are pure bloods. We've been Ravenclaws for generation. Not one person in my family ever got told off by a teacher, and now I've ruined that." She held her head in her hands. Percy awkwardly sat beside her, patting her arm gently. 
"Its gonna be okay," he whispered, "Besides, maybe you'll be the first Chase to lighten up a bit, hey?"
"Jackson!" Annabeth growled, and he laughed as she threw bits of grass at him.
Professor Beauregard returned moments later, a small smile on her lips. 
"Well, you two looks like your little adventure paid off. You've attracted the attention of your houses' Quidditch teams, and they offered you each a spot."
Percy and Annabeth looked at each other excitably. 
"They'll contact you individually to discuss training times." Professor Beauregard finished, before walking away and leaving the excited first years smiling. As soon as she was out of sight, Percy and Annabeth screamed, jumping around, their arms clasped around each other. In a moment of joy, Percy hugged Annabeth.
Annabeth awkwardly stepped away. 
"Sorry," Percy apologised. Annabeth looked down at her feet, and then sheepishly at Percy. He couldn't stop grinning. 
"Can you believe it?" he screamed. 
And so the cycle started again, until they were crying tears of happiness and screaming until their throats were sore. 

The Minister of Magic contacted Percy in May. A strange owl (he didn't have the money to purchase his own) dropped a letter on his head while he was eating breakfast one morning. Piper and Grover immediately looked over at it. 
"What is it?" Grover asked. 
Percy ripped the letter open and read what was written on the faded parchment. 
"Well?" Piper asked. 
"It's from the Minister of Magic!" Percy exclaimed. Connor and Travis peered across at him. 
"He wants to meet with me?" Percy put down the letter and stared at his friends. They stared right back, mouths open. From across the hall, Percy saw Annabeth looking at him. 
"Minister of Magic," he mouthed. Annabeth's jaw dropped.
"Talk to you later," she mouthed back. 
They met with Grover an hour later in an abandoned corridor. 
"What does the Minister want?" Annabeth asked, learning against a walk with her arms folded across her chest. 
Percy quickly explained, checking occasionally to see if a teacher was coming. 
"Professor Dionysus couldn't accept this!" Annabeth protested, "All this trouble! It's going to get you killed, or worse, expelled!" 
"Well whatever he wants," Grover said, "We're coming with you."
Percy sighed in gratitude. 
"Thank you."
The three first years stood with Professor Chiron in front of the Minister for Magic himself three weeks later. He was a tall man, with stormy grey eyes, dark hair with flecks of grey and a beard to match. He strode into the large office dressed immaculately in a dark blue suit. Taking a seat at his desk he clasped he hands together and looked pointedly at the three children. 
"Professor," he said to their chaperone, "I requested one child only. Why are there three?"
"Minister Zeus, they wished to be by their friend's side, " Chiron expressed, "For moral support."
The Minister laughed, a deep, throaty laugh which tipped his head back against his chair. 
"It's not like I'll throw lightning bolts at them, Professor," he chuckled, "Now which one of you is Percy Jackson?"
Percy stepped forward. 
"Ahhhh, Poseidon's son, we meet at last." Zeus said, "I have called you here today as I have reason to believe that you have something of mine."
"Of yours?"
"Yes, Percy." Zeus confirmed, twiddling his thumbs, "It is an object of high importance, called the Elder Wand."
Behind him, he heard Annabeth sharply intake a breath. He turned around to look at his friends. 
"What's the Elder Wand?" he asked. Grover simply shrugged. 
"Don't look at me, I'm a Muggleborn. I have no idea."
"It's the powerful wand in the world, Percy," Annabeth explained.
"But why would you believe that I have it?" Percy asked the Minister. 
"Because your father stole it." Zeus said quite plainly. Percy couldn't believe his ears. His father was a good man! His mother had told him so! 
"You've never met my father!" Percy shouted, enraged by the Minister's statement.
"Ahh, but I have, Percy. And I know that he doesn't have it - because he is in Azkaban and I searched him myself - so he has obviously given it to you."
Percy lunged forward, but Grover and Annabeth grabbed his arms and struggled to hold him back. 
"Take that back!" He yelled. 
Turning to Professor Chiron, Zeus said, "You may take them back to Hogwarts for now. Because unless you give me the Elder Wand in five days time, you three students will be expelled from Hogwarts forever." 
Annabeth, Grover and Percy stared at the Minister in disbelief before Professor Chiron herded them out of the doors. 

The trio hunted for the Elder Wand day and night. Annabeth and Percy skipped Quidditch practises to hunt in empty classrooms, missed Defence Against the Dark Arts (much to the dismay of Professor Ares) to scour corridors and stayed up til midnight searching their common rooms. When the sun rose on the fifth day, Percy met Annabeth in the library, utterly defeated. He found her slumped over a book on wands, fast asleep. Gently, he shook her awake. 
"Wise Girl," he whispered, and Annabeth blinked a couple of times before realising it was Percy standing in front of her. 
"So," she said, rubbing her eyes, "Any luck?"
"I talked to Professor Hades, and still there's nothing. No potion that he knows of that could reveal where it is."
Annabeth cradled her head in her hands, and Percy wedged himself beside her. 
"Its gonna be okay," he reassured her. 
"All I ever wanted to do was come to this school," she said, "I wanted to make my mum proud, you know? She's the bright one, really. She loved Hogwarts, and magic. Top of her class, she was. My dad didn't really care."
She sniffles a bit, rubbing her nose on her blue sweater. 
"And when they divorced, and she left us, I blamed my dad, that he didn't care enough about her, and her life, to make her stay. Then he got a new wife and new kids, and all I really had was pleasing my mum and this school."
She rested her head on Percy's shoulder tentatively. 
"Now it's all gone."
"Not yet," Percy whispered, "Not yet its not. Zeus hasn't come for the Elder Wand yet."
He climbed off the chair and held out his hand. Annabeth took it. He pulled her up. 
"Let me get changed and we'll keep searching, okay?"
Annabeth smiled. 
"Sure. "
"And Annabeth?"
"Maybe give your dad a chance."
Percy raced through the switching staircases and climbing students to the Hufflepuff dorms. As he pulled out his trunk and opened it, he noticed something. A wand was placed in his trunk, under his clothes. Frowning, Percy double checked his back pocket. His own wand was still there. 
Then what was this wand? It was very strange, and sort of bumpy. Now that he was looking at it properly, he realised it didn't look like his at all.
And then, he remembered something. 
"Annabeth," he whispered to himself, "In the library. The book of wands. "
Percy sprinted out of his dorm room and headed towards the library. By luck or hate or just by chance, Annabeth was just leaving. He grabbed her hand as he whizzed past, dragging her back into the library.
"Where's that book you just had?" Percy asked hurriedly. 
"Um, right here?" 
She handed him the book and Percy flipped through it, trying to find what he was looking for. 
"Wow I've never seen you look in an actual book before -"
"Shut up, here it it," Percy handed her the book and Annabeth looked down at it, her eyes wide. 
"Percy," she exclaimed, "You've found it!"
Percy pulled the Elder Wand out of his pocket.
"Oh yes I have."

They handed the Elder Wand back the the Minister the next day. He smiled at the trio, thanking them for their corporation, but Percy could see the greed in his eyes. Zeus just happy that the Elder Wand was back in his possession, all that power. 
The four Quidditch teams came together one afternoon in January to celebrate. Percy was happy to spend time with Annabeth and his team mates, Connor and Michael Yew among them, but Annabeth was busy staring at the much older Slytherin captain, a boy named Luke Castellan. 
Finally, as the celebration drew to a close, the Gryffindoor captain, Thalia Grace raised her goblet. 
"To these brave young heroes, Percy, Annabeth and Grover!"
The room was filled with cheers and laughter. 
Later, as they were packing up, Luke approached Percy with two goblets of pumpkin juice. 
"Hey there Jackson," he greeted, "You did real good with that Elder Wand. Have time for one more celebration?"
There was food involved, so Percy shrugged and accepted the goblet. He may not particularly like the guy, but hey, he was offering him food, so...
Percy leaned against a table and drank the pumpkin juice quietly. 
"So," Luke started, "What's it like out there?"
"Out where?"
"The Ministry, the world."
Percy shrugged.
"It's just the world."
"But it could be better, yeah?"
"I guess."
Luke paused. 
"I can't wait to get out of here. Out of this wretched school, with its stupid professors and dumb students."
Percy gently placed his pumpkin juice down.
"Luke, this is Hogwarts you're talking about!"
"I know," he smiled, "But wouldn't it be better with someone else in charge? Especially not that fool Dionysus. In fact, wouldn't it be better for someone else to run the whole Ministry? The whole world?"
"Luke," Percy said slowly, "Who are you talking about?"
"Kronos," Luke announced, "Have you not heard the stories? He tried to kill you when you were just a child. Your father, that coward, fled and left you with your poor mother, damaged by the curse that backfired and left you both alive." 
Percy slowly edged away. 
"I'm sorry, Percy," Luke said, "But apparently you are the only person who can stop my master from rising. And so I have to kill you."
He clapped his hand and a small dark thing flew into the room. It chattered as it swung its four arms. 
Percy immediately went for his wand. 
Luke tsked at him. 
"Oh, Percy, you'd be dead before you could cast a spell. This is a Doxy. One bite, and you'll be poisoned. Multiple bites, well, you'll be dead."
Percy made a bolt for the door, but the creature chased after him, sinking its teeth into his flesh again and again. 
The last thing he saw was a glimpse of Annabeth's face. 

The room was strangely bright when he woke up, and he hurt all over. Blinking, Percy sat up to find Annabeth sitting on the edge of his bed, watching over him. Grocer and Piper stood behind them. 
"Hey there, Seaweed Brain."
He managed a smile before collapsing back on the bed. 
"So what happened?" he asked his friends.
"Well you were attacked by a common doxy, that's for sure," Piper said, "Lucky the nurse had some doxycide, otherwise you'd be feeling rather sick right now."
"Or you'd be dead," Grover pointed out. 
"So," Annabeth spoke up, "Was it really Luke?"
Percy nodded. Piper patted Annabeth's back sadly. 
"I'm sorry, Annabeth," Percy whispered. Annabeth clenched her fists. 
"No, I'm sorry. I should have never liked him in the first place. You can never trust a Slytherin anyway."
There was a moment of silence, and Percy, Grover and Piper all tried to comfort their friend. 
"Well," Piper spoke up, "I'm glad that you're alive. Just in time too. It's the last day of term."
The matron suddenly appeared by Percy's bedside and promptly shooed them all away. Except Annabeth, who wouldn't leave Percy's side for anything. 
"Professor Dionysus contacted your mother," Annabeth said, "She'll be here to collect you in about an hour."
"What about you?" Percy asked, "What are you doing over the holidays?"
She took a deep breath. 
"I've decided to take your advice and give my dad a chance. I'm staying with him during the summer holidays."
"That took guts,"
Annabeth smiled slightly. 
"When we get back, I want to hunt down Luke. What he said sounds like it could be dangerous for Hogwarts, and the Ministry. I'll ask Dionysus if we can go look for him. And if he says no, then we'll sneak out and do it anyways."
"Sounds like a plan worthy of Rowena Ravenclaw herself."
The matron was glaring pointedly at Annabeth, and she took it as a sign to leave. 
"Take care of yourself, Seaweed Brain."
"You too Wise Girl,"
She hurried out of the infirmary, blonde curls flying. 
Before Percy went to sleep, he made a promise to himself. That he would come back next year, find Luke, learn some more. 
After all, he was a wizard. 

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