Right Here

This is a random little scene I wrote. It kind of reminds me of my other movella, "Epiphany". I might make a mini series of scenes like this. I wrote this way back in January. I hope you like it!



     "It just feels like some kind of crazy dream," I said. He didn't talk. Just listened. "I just feel like years move way too fast. And now I feel like I've just wasted the whole last year of my life..." I felt my voice rise and throat tighten. "Everyday is the same. I see the same people at the time and I eat the same things and sit in the same places. I need adventure or . . . just some variation, you know?" He nodded.

     "It was good being sixteen, but I don't feel like I'm ready just yet."

     "Margaret, listen," he took a breath. "Time is never-stopping and you can't change that. Every year you'll grow a year older whether you're ready for it or not, and someday January fourteenth will come around just like it always does, and it will be the last one you have to enjoy." My throat was clenched just like my fists. Death was something I couldn't think about just yet. "So for the time being, enjoy the people you have and the time you have that ca be spent with them." He touched my hand and I could finally breathe.

     "Oh my gosh, thank you," I breathed out. "You are so amazing. You're just the comfort I need in my life right. Thank goodness." He wiped away a tear I hadn't noticed was on my cheek and I realized I hadn't said any of this out loud. The makings of a smile appeared on my face but I couldn't assemble them.

    I wrapped my arms around his waist and he did the same. I squeezed tight. I didn't want to let go. He was my anchor in the raging waves.

     "Thank you," I whisper into his coat.

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