Already Gone ©2015 (Poem)

Another one of my poems that I wrote. There is a song version that is longer that I will publish down the road at some point.

This poem is about someone who had no one in their life to count on when they needed them the most, and is in a deep depression. I feel many people can relate to these lyrics on many levels, and for their own reasons.


1. Already Gone By: J.L. Jacobs ©2015 (Poem)

You look right into my eyes

you think you see

but trust me

I'm already gone.


Who you see

and used to know

keep the memories

I'm already gone.


I tried my best

did what I could

I've been so broken

I'm already gone. 


Where were you

I needed you

now it's too late

I'm already gone.


The emptiness inside

the shell of me

remains inanimate

I'm already gone.


You cry tears for my loss

I have you beat

I've cried more for myself

I'm already gone.


Alive, not quite living

a broken body

wasting space

I'm already gone.


I tried to hang on

no one was there

to catch my fall

I'm already gone.


The pain has broken 

every single piece of me

physical and emotional

I'm already gone.


I wanted to try

losing hope by the second

after many years

I'm already gone. 


My ghost is left

not a beating heart

how can you see me 

I'm already gone.











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