How We Met |M•C|

18 year old Dylan Scarborough has lived with her best friend Aria Masterson since she was 13. She lived there because her dad abused her. Her parents died in a car crash when she was 15. Her and Aria go to a 5SOS concert and are staying in the same hotel as them. What will happen when the find Ashton, Calum, Michael, and Luke's room?

Read to find out!


15. 9

+++Dylan's POV+++

"Don't do that!" Michael said walking toward us. "We WON'T!" Aria said giving me a stern look. We put down what we were holding and put our hands up in defense. "Where are you two from you look familiar?" Ashton asked. Before I could answer Aria said, "Sydney like you guys but you were a few years older than us so we never talked to you."

"Hold on a minute." Michael said walking into what we now know is his room. We heard him going through his drawers until he came back in. He had our yearbook in his hands. "What grade are you in he asked me. "Last year was my last." I said even though the yearbook was from 2 years ago. He started flipping through the pages until he got to our class. "I found you!!" He screamed and pointed at the page doing a little dance.

"Okay calm down." I said. "Tonight we're going back to Sydney. Do you want to ride with us?" Calum asked. "Yea, we can have someone drive your car back for you." Michael said hopefully. Me and Aria looked at each other and screamed, "YES!" "Go pack your stuff and you can meet us back here and on the way back you can explain just how you got in here without being seen." Luke said laughing.

A/N- sorry for not updating in so long but this is just for now I'm going to write a lot of chapters this weekend and post them Monday or Tuesday. Also I've decided not to make my notes like a chapter. Okay so Friday night I'm going to watch If I Stay so I won't do it then but I'm watching it because my friend is making me and she said she punched her TV because it had a horrible ending and then her and my other friend were talking about it so I yelled at them to shut up. Now I'm rambling but you get the idea.

~Kylee 😁🍕


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