How We Met |M•C|

18 year old Dylan Scarborough has lived with her best friend Aria Masterson since she was 13. She lived there because her dad abused her. Her parents died in a car crash when she was 15. Her and Aria go to a 5SOS concert and are staying in the same hotel as them. What will happen when the find Ashton, Calum, Michael, and Luke's room?

Read to find out!


12. 7

When we got back to the hotel we went up to our room so we wouldn't look suspicious. We spent a little while in our room until we went back downstairs to their room. Aria is really good with computers so she managed to make the power go off for exactly 2 minutes while we sneak in. We quietly crept around back until we got to their window.

"Hand me your hair pin." I whispered. She handed me her hair clip and I unlocked the window.

"We're in." I said. Just then the power came back on. "Just in time." Aria said. "Let's look around."

I walk into what I'm assuming was Michael's room because there was hair dye on the desk. I picked up the hair dye. It was hard to tell what color he planned on dying his hair next because there was every color on the desk.

"I found Ashton's bandanas!" Aria yelled walking into the main room. I followed her and showed her Michael's hair dye that I still had in my hands. We looked around the room and while we had our backs to the door we heard it open. "Who are you?" Calum asked.

Well, shit.

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