How We Met |M•C|

18 year old Dylan Scarborough has lived with her best friend Aria Masterson since she was 13. She lived there because her dad abused her. Her parents died in a car crash when she was 15. Her and Aria go to a 5SOS concert and are staying in the same hotel as them. What will happen when the find Ashton, Calum, Michael, and Luke's room?

Read to find out!


6. 4

Dylan's POV

I wake up to Aria screaming "Wake up bitch it's CONCERT DAY!!!!" I groan and throw a pillow at her. "Just 5 more minutes!" I groan. "It's 5AM the concert starts at 7PM we still have to drive there and get a hotel." Aria says. "I'M UP I'M UP" I shout. "DAMN, ARE YOU TRYING TO WAKE UP THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD?!?" Aria screams. "WHAT ABOUT YOU YOU'RE SCREAMING TOO!?!" I yell back. We both literally fall to the floor laughing.

After I calm down I take a shower and put on my Clifford 95 crop top, black high waisted shorts, and my bracelets. I apply foundation, concealer, lip gloss, black eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara. "Done." I say to Aria. "Finally let's get going." Aria says. "But I'm hungry!" I whine. "We'll eat out." Aria says. "Kk let's go get our bags then head out." I say. I'm so excited we didn't get backstage passes for the concert but we got front row tickets. "Hey Aria, what side of the stage are we sitting on?" I ask. "Don't worry we're on Michael's side." "YAY!" I scream. "Here we go again with the screaming." Aria complains. "Let's get going." I slide on my black converses and we leave.

+++Skip Car Ride+++

When we arrive at the hotel it's 3PM. Aria being the amazing driver she is, note my sarcasm, got us lost 3 times. Wonderful job Aria. "Hey don't blame me it's this stupid phone, I just followed the instructions that it gave me." Aria said. "Anyway get your stuff and let's check in."I said. "And maybe you should get a new phone." "You know I can't afford that." Aria complained. "I'll buy you a new phone if you don't get us lost again." I laughed.

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