How We Met |M•C|

18 year old Dylan Scarborough has lived with her best friend Aria Masterson since she was 13. She lived there because her dad abused her. Her parents died in a car crash when she was 15. Her and Aria go to a 5SOS concert and are staying in the same hotel as them. What will happen when the find Ashton, Calum, Michael, and Luke's room?

Read to find out!


5. 3

+++At the mall {Dylan's POV}+++

"Ok we have to go to Starbucks first I'm still tired." I said. "You and your God damn Starbucks." Aria said. "What am I crazy for liking it?" We passes multiple stores until we got to Starbucks. I ordered a vanilla iced coffee and Aria didn't have anything. We found a seat and I drank my coffee while we talked about what shops we were going to. We decided on Rue 21 and Hot Topic first.

I finished my coffee and we walked to Rue 21. "How does this look?" Aria said. "looks good Ari." I said. "I'm getting it. Are you getting anything?" "No, I just need to buy a 5SOS shirt and maybe a new beanie." I said. "Ok well, I'm getting this." Aria said. After she paid for her outfit we walked to Hot Topic. It was my favorite store, it had everything from One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Pokemon. "Do we have to go in here?" Aria complained. "That guy that works in here keeps staring at me and it creeps me out." "Get over it I need something to wear to the concert." I said.

I bought a 5SOS crop top that said Clifford 95 on the back, a case for my phone that had Michael pointing to his flannel shirt that said IDIOT on the back, a Piccachu beanie with Pokeballs on the end of the strings, and some more bracelets. "Why did you make me go in there, you're lucky that Andrew wasn't in there today." Aria said. "Complain complain complain!" I said. "You know you love me and would be lost without me." Aria said. "True." I laughed. "Let's go it's 9."

+++At Home+++

"Are you staying here tonight?" I asked Aria. "Ya I don't think that my mom will care." Aria said. Ok I'm going to sleep, goodnight." I said. "Goodnight." I walked upstairs and put on my pajamas and crawled into bed.

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